Emshield Security Seal SSF2 Locks Tight When Lockdowns Matte

Emshield SecuritySeal SSF2

Emshield Security Seal SSF2 Locks Tight When Lockdowns Matte

When designing secure facilities such as prisons, detention centers, schools, or psychiatric hospitals, thought and care must be given to every element of the construction.  Those inside must be kept safe from hazards such as fires while preventing them from having any opportunities to subvert the facilities.  That’s why SecuritySeal SSF2 from Emshield is so popular in these circumstances – it was designed to protect and enclose.

What makes EmshieldSecuritySeal SSF2 such an effective specialty product?  In this article, we’ll take a look at its major benefits.

Why SecuritySeal SSF2 Stands Out Among Secure Sealants

  1. Tamper resistance

Typical sealing solutions are soft, and that makes them vulnerable to attack.  SecuritySeal SSF2 forms a hard, solid barrier that resists picks, knives, and other attempts to break through it.  This makes it an excellent choice when you need to either keep people securely inside or prevent outsiders from vandalizing your property.

  1. Superior fire resistance

One of the hallmark qualities of SecuritySeal SSF2 is its two-hour fire resistance.  (A three-hour variation, SSF3, is also available.)  Few sealing products on the market can stand up to high heat for that long, without losing strength.

This also makes it an excellent alternative to other fire-stop materials such as fire blankets, mineral wools, or liquid sealants.  It can be installed deck-to-deck or deck-to-wall while providing the same level of protection.  Also, it can be used standalone, or along with joint covers or plates, making it a highly versatile fire-resistance solution.

  1. Water resistance

When properly installed, EmshieldSecuritySeal SSF2 can also be made entirely watertight and weatherproof.  The sealant bellows should be installed facing the weather while using (supplied) silicone at the bellows-to-substrate interface seals.  This remedies any irregularities in the substrate, ensuring a tight seal even under harsh weather conditions – while remaining attack-resistant even if submerged.

  1. Non-invasive anchoring

SecuritySeal SSF2 is designed so that it won’t subvert or compromise the materials it’s attached to.  There are no pins, anchors, screws, or other invasive attachment materials.  It locks into joint faces through a combination of foam back pressure, epoxy adhesive, and the injected silicone sealant bands.

This complete sealing method also causes it to be soundproof, as an additional benefit.

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