Tremco Dymeric 240 FC 1.5 gal pail


• Dymeric 240FC is an all-around general-purpose sealant that provides
flexible, long life and durable waterproofing for both new construction and
restoration projects in a fast curing formulation.
• Dymeric 240FC is formulated to be a lightweight material designed for
extremely easy mixing, even in cold temperatures.
• Dymeric 240FC is a solvent-free product that is compliant with all existing
VOC regulations. Please contact your local Sales Representative or
Tremco’s Technical Service Department for information regarding
immersed conditions.





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Tremco Dymeric 240 FC is a gun-grade, multi-component, chemically-curing, polyurethane sealant that includes a tintable base, curative packet, and a
choice of 70 standard colors. A Limestone Pretinted version is also available. Questions about Tremco Dymeric 240 FC? Contact Us.

Tremco Dymeric 240FC’s applications range from pre-cast tilt-up concrete, masonry, and exterior insulating and finishing systems (EIFS), to metal curtain walls, and perimeter joints around doors and windows. It can also be used in certain water immersed applications.

308 linear feet of joint per gallon for a 1/4” X 1/4” joint. For specific coverage
rates that include joint size, and usage efficiencies, visit our website usage
calculator at

Surfaces must be sound, clean, and dry. All release agents, existing
waterproofing, dust, loose mortar, laitance, paints, or other finishes or field
applied coating must be removed. This can be accomplished with a thorough
wire brushing, grinding, sandblasting, or solvent washing, depending on the

Tremco recommends that surface temperatures be 40 °F (5 °C) or above at
the time the sealant is applied. If sealant must be applied in temperatures
below 40 °F, please refer to the Tremco Guide for Applying Sealants in Cold
Weather that can be found on our website at

Mix in accordance with instructions on the pail using the entire pre-measured
curative packet and your selected Universal Color Pak. One color pack
should be used with 1.5-gal pails and 2 color packs should be used in the
3-gal pail. Mix all three parts for a minimum of 6 min, scraping the sides of the
pail and until there are no color striations. A color pack is not required for the
pretint version.
Ensure the backer rod is properly friction-fitted and any primers have been
Apply sealant with conventional caulking equipment filling the joint from the
backer rod up. Immediately tool the sealant with a spatula to ensure intimate
contact with the joint walls.
Dry tooling is always preferred, although xylene can be used in limited
amounts to slick the spatula if needed.
For a cleaner finish, mask the sides of the joint with tape prior to filling.


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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 cm

Tint Base, Limestone


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