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Safety Spotlight


Safety Spotlight

Safety in the workplace is critical when it comes to sustaining operations. Among the many different hazards that workplaces are at risk of suffering, the most common of these are falls. This is because any construction and factory operations require workers to operate in elevated areas. Without the proper safety resources and knowledge to prevent falls, such operations are prone to these kinds of accidents. In this safety spotlight, we illuminate various aspects of falls including how to minimize the risk of falls at your workplace.


About Fall Protection

Fall protection revolves around putting measures in place to minimize the risk of falls in the workplace. Under OSHA regulations, employers must provide a work environment that is free from any known fall dangers.

Among other things, this includes ensuring that the workplace is as clean and as dry as possible to prevent slips and falls. It also requires employers to provide workers with protective equipment that can reduce the risk of injury in case of falls. Employers must also train workers on all the fall risks in the workplace and this must be accompanied by clear signage in all these risk areas.



How Can Falls Be Reduced?

There are a number of ways in which the risk of falls can be minimized in the workplace. Floor holes for example should not only have clear signage but should also have railing and other types of guarding to prevent workers from accidentally walking into the holes. All elevated work platforms are required to have railing to protect workers on such platforms.

Areas, where workers are at risk of falling into dangerous machines below, must have rails and other safety features regardless of the elevation. Fall protection mechanisms must also take into consideration the specific safety needs of each particular process. For example, some elevated workstations may require workers to have additional fall protection tools such as safety harnesses and so on.

Finally, ensuring that your workers have the right information that they need to stay safe is critical. This means regular fall safety training for new and existing workers. It also means regular reviews of fall risks in the workplace with corresponding updates to the fall safety protocols


Fall Protection Products to Keep Your Crew Safe

At Metro Sealant, we gave a variety of fall protection products to keep your workers safe. These include:

  • Miller Dura Flex Stretchable Harness

    This harness is designed to conform to the back of the worker, ensuring that there is little risk of back injury. It also maximizes workers' movement allowing for maximum productivity.

  • Miller Rope Grab With D Ring

    Made from stainless steel for extra strength and no corrosion, this rope grab ring can support the weight of a worker, ensuring that they are able to work from an elevated position safely.

  • Miller Turbolite W/Steel Twist-Lock Carabiner Fall Limiter

    This Fall Limiter Comes With A Twist-Lock Mechanism For Added Safety.



Importance of Fall Protection?

Fall protection is critical when it comes to the sustainability of your operations. Falls can result in serious accidents that can sometimes even be fatal. Even when not fatal, workers are left nursing life-altering injuries that end up affecting their quality of life. For your business, such accidents will disrupt operations and lower staff morale. Falls also have direct cost implications on your operations as you are likely to face ever-rising insurance premiums. All these factors end up impacting your bottom line and thus putting your business at risk. By investing in fall protection measures, you minimize the risk of these problems taking place.

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