BASF Color Charts

The BASF color charts are a great way for builders to find the right color for the basf sealants. in addition to giving your concrete structures superior protection, you can also personalize them with the color of your choice to suit your project specifications.

BASF is the manufacturer of the innovative hdpe waterproofing membrane that offers superior protection for your newly-cast concrete structures. for greater convenience, basf products do not require any specific tools or wielding techniques to be effective. our waterproofing products can also withstand weathering and uv rays, ensuring that your concrete structure remains protected in all kinds of weather.


About BASF

At BASF corporation, they believe in creating chemistry for a sustainable future, blending economic success with environmental protection and societal responsibility. they believe that customers are their number one priority, supplying products and services to around 90,000 customers around the world.

Differentiating themselves from the competition through their commitment to sustainability since 1994, they have cemented their position as a leader in their respective fields based on the sustainability of their products. while almost halving their carbon emissions and doubling sales product volumes, basf is able to provide an ethically, environmentally sustainable product for all their customers to enjoy.


BASF Color Charts

Color Charts are used as a guide in selecting The right color for your building projects. with advancements in technology allowing sealant producers to create a wide range of products in a diverse range of colors, color charts allow us to pick the respective colored products for our respective needs. Just note the code for each respective color and hue, selecting the precise shade of sealant to best meet your requirements.

With a wide range of offerings for color charts with the master builders solutions single component color reference, master builders solutions color portfolio, master builders standard colors for sealants, masterseal color portfolio, masterseal traffic deck coating color portfolio, mastertop performance flooring color portfolio, master builders fan deck and masterseal np1 color chart just to name a few, basf is equipped with all the colors and products fit for your respective needs.

From residential to industrial projects, find the best product for your respective building projects and give your projects a personal touch just for you!

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