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Metro Sealant has been a single-family-owned and run sealant, waterproofing, and restoration firm since 1989. Metro Sealant has formed strategic alliances with some of the industry’s most famous manufacturers, allowing us to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions to our customers. Metro Sealant has four fully supplied storefronts in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Baltimore, and Washington. The slogan of our company is “we deliver, more than just materials.” We endeavor to provide our customers with the greatest pricing and technical support services accessible anywhere, as stated in our motto. In addition, each of our stores has a full sales team of staff.

About Adhesives

A chemical that is used to bind two or more objects together is known as an adhesive. In our environment, there are a million different chores that need gluing things together. It’s no surprise, then, that there are a variety of adhesives on the market that are created expressly for specific applications. Adhesives are also used in a variety of industrial applications. Among the most common are sewing, thermal bonding, and mechanical fastening. Adhesives can be classified in a variety of ways based on how they were created.

Types of Adhesives at MetroSealant

  • Coating Adhesives: The technique of applying an adhesive layer to a substance is known as adhesive coating. The adhesive is applied to the material using a “dry phase” process, resulting in a single product with the qualities of both the material and the adhesive. The main goal of adhesive coating is to convert a non-adhesive surface into an adhesive surface.
  • Epoxy Adhesives: Resins and a hardener are the two fundamental components of epoxy adhesives. Because there are so many different types of resins and hardeners, so many different forms of epoxies can be made from them. Epoxy adhesives can be used to bind almost anything together.
  • Spray Adhesives: Contact sprays are the most convenient to use on any surface. They are usually utilized to temporarily connect two surfaces. It is simple to remove once the procedure is completed. This is particularly beneficial in construction and carpentry. They are fantastic for home décor and other non-industrial applications because they do not leave any stains.


  • Primers Adhesives: Adhesive primers are used to preserve the surface of a material that will be bonded at a later stage, giving the production process more flexibility.
  • General Adhesives: General adhesives are used in most generic situations in which two or more objects are bonded together in a simple manner.

Get High-Quality Adhesives at MetroSealant

Metro Sealant is one of the greatest sealant and waterproofing companies in the game, and we will handle all of your industrial sealing product needs. Our friendly customer service representatives will work closely with you to ensure that you have all you require. Metro Sealant offers some of the industry’s greatest products. So, are you excited to get your hands on some of the most cutting-edge industrial equipment now available?

To find out more about adhesives for all your waterproofing, sealant, and product restoration projects, contact us at Metro Sealant today.