Dynapoxy EP 1200: 1.5 Gal. Two Part Epoxy Security Sealant


DynaPoxy EP 1200 is especially designed as a companion or alternative product to Pecora Dynaflex urethane security sealant. Also, because of its high compressive strength and non-sag properties, DynaPoxy EP-1200 is used as a structural adhesive for vertical and overhead bonding, grouting, and for bolt embedment.

1.5 Gallon

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Dynapoxy EP 1200 Basic Uses

Dynapoxy EP 1200’s outstanding adhesion to similar or dissimilar materials, in particular concrete and metal, high abrasion resistance and “tamperproof” properties make it an excellent joint sealant for high security areas of prisons and other security areas.


  • Surface Preparation:  Surfaces must be clean, sound and free of surface water.
    Remove laitance, curing compounds, coatings, oil, grease, rust, waxes and other bond-inhibiting substances.
  • Joint Backing: In deep joints where filling the joint completely would result in the use of excessive sealant, a backer rod may be installed. Backer rod will provide a firm backing allowing for proper tooling of the sealant under pressure. This will ensure proper contact with bonding surfaces. A closed cell backer rod that will compress a minimum of 25% when installed will provide a firm backing to achieve proper application in deep joints. Refer to joint design for further details.
  • Dynapoxy as a Joint Filler Mixing & Application: Base and Activator are furnished in exact ratio by volume to equal 1-1/2 gallons when mixed. Thorough mixing is essential to obtain optimum performance.
    Use a variable speed drill with Pecora #2 mixing paddle. Mix the entire unit contents at a low speed until the components are evenly blended, approximately six minutes. Do not dilute or alter the mix in any way. Apply sealant to joints using standard caulking equipment.
  • Tooling:Tool at once after application to ensure full adhesion. Tooling without a
    slicking agent is preferred but if conditions require one, mineral spirits is recommended.

Dynapoxy as a Sand/Mortar Patching Compound:

  1. Activate (1) 1.5 gallon unit of Dynapoxy EP 1200.
  2.  Transfer activated EP-1200 into a 5 gallon pail.
  3. Add approx. 2 gallons of sand to 1.5 gallons activated EP-1200. The amount
    of sand needed to achieve a mortar consistency may vary depending on sand particle size.
  4. Mix sand into activated EP-1200 using a Pecora #2 mixing paddle or equivalent until a trowelable consistency is achieved.
  5. Use a trowel to apply and form the patching compound as desired.Finish your job with backer rod and Pecora:Backer RodDynaflex 1.5 Gallon

    Dynaflex SC Tubes


Dynapoxy EP 1200 should not be used in active joints or in areas where it may come into contact with food. It should not be subjected to harsh chemicals such as acids or solvents and should not be applied in concrete joints less than 30-days old.

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