Pecora Dynatrol II : Non-Sag Polyurethane 1.5 gal pail


  • Pecora Dynatrol II is a multi-component, non-sag, high perfromance, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. 1.5 gal pail
  • Dynatrol® II is designed for use in expansion and control joints in precast panels, tilt walls and curtainwalls; bedding panels, coping joints, window and door perimeters, glazing, traffic, acoustical and fire-stopping applications. Its wide color range and low modulus make it highly effective in exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS).

    See Carlisle 201  polyurethane sealant as an equivalent to Dynatrol II 

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Pecora Dynatrol II is a multi-component, high-performance, non-sag, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. It creates a tenacious bond and watertight seal between materials of similar or dissimilar surface textures, porosities or expansion coefficients. 1.5 gal pail. Questions about Pecora Dynatrol II? Contact us


Surface Preparation: Joint surfaces must be dry, clean and free of all contamination. Glass, metal and other nonporous surfaces must be free of any coatings and wiped clean with solvent. Precast panels using form-release agents other than polyethylene film must be sandblasted or mechanically abraded and blown or brushed dust free.

Priming: Not required on glass or annodized aluminum and usually not necessary on most other common building materials. However, varieties of brick, natural stone, plastics, paints,coatings and other surface treatments.


• 1 1/2-gallon (347 cu. in.) (5.7 L) unit including Base and Activator Color Pack is packaged separately


• Pecora’s Color-Pack system has pre- measured tint paste for 50 standard colors.

• Custom colors are available upon request: minimum 5 color packs.

• The base material is not to be used without addition of color.

• Also available in pre-tinted limestone– this version eliminates need for color pack.

Joint sealants do not change volume with expansion or compression – only shape; the greater the change in shape (strain), the greater the stress on the sealant and bond line.

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Weight 6.35 kg
Dimensions 24.77 × 24.77 × 24.77 cm

Tintable, Pre-Tint Limestone

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