Backer Rod ITP Soft Type : Armacell


  • ITP Soft Type Backer Rod is a soft, pliable and non-gassing backup material
  •  Closed-cell, non-absorbent, moisture resistant
  • Flexible, compressible
  • Made in Canada
  • ASTM C1330 Type C
  • ASTM D5249 Type 3


ITP Soft Type Backer Rod is a soft, pliable and non-gassing backup material that is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth. This creates a backstop to facilitate proper sealant tooling, yielding a quality bond breaker between the backup material and the sealant. Questions? Contact us

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Armacell (formerly ITP Standard) is an extruded round, closed cell, low density polyethylene (PE) foam material with a skin-like outer texture. Standard backer rod is non-absorbent, flexible and compressible allowing for easy installation in joints as a backup material for sealants. It’s available in spools in ¼” to 1 ¼” diameters or 6’ lengths for sizes over 1 ½” diameter. Standard is recommended for glazing installations, window and door applications, expansion joints, log construction, pavement joints or repairs and precast concrete joints and copings. It’s compatible with most cold-applied sealants.

Joint or opening must be clean, dry and free of obstructions. Using the Proper Sizing Chart for ITP Soft Type Backer Rod on reverse side, select proper rod diameter and cut to length or use directly from spool. With a blunt instrument or roller, uniformly install rod at the level recommended by the sealant manufacturer, specifier or architect involved. Generally, the depth of the joint after the backer rod is installed is one half the width. Very large or very small joint vary in terms of depth to width ratio. Avoid puncturing, stretching or over compression.

Armacell Backer Rod

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions N/A

3/8” 2100’ BOX, 5/8” 1550’ BOX, 7/8” 850’ BOX, 1-1/8” 500’ BOX, 1-1/2” 396’ BOX, 2” 228’ BOX, 2-1/2” 144’ BOX, 3” 102’ BOX, 4’ 48’ BOX