Pecora Color Pack: Dynatrol II/890 FTS


Pecora color pack used to tint Dynatrol II/890 FTS 1 per 1.5 gal pail

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Pecora Color Pack: Dynatrol II/890 FTS

Pecora color pack used to tint Dynatrol II/890 FTS 1 per 1.5 gal pail. Questions? Contact Us

Pecora color pack create attractive and striking architectural spaces by selecting the right colors, color combinations and textures. We can help you achieve virtually any visual and color blending effect, thanks to industry-leading color capabilities:

  • Just Add Color. Achieve Unprecedented Flexibility With 890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR.  Mix the perfect color in the desired texture in the perfect amount right in the field using our 51 standard or custom Universal Color Packs.
  • Pre-Matched For Your Convenience. With over 7,500 current formulas on file for silicone, urethane and latex chemistries, chances are our color experts already have your color.
  • Time Is On Your Side. Pecora’s state of the art color lab can match just about any color to any substrate that your project requires. Just complete a color match form and send in your color sample and within 5 business days, we will have a color chip for you to review.
  •  When pouring color tint pack into pail, use spatula to remove entire contents.
  • For best overall appearance, use the Albion® 381-G01 4 inch mixing paddle or Pecora #2 mixing paddle (or other comparable mixing paddle).
  • If using a variable speed drill, consider using the lower speed to avoid over mixing.
  • Keep mixing time to a minimum – there’s no activator being mixed in – so when the color is uniform, you’re done mixing.Three Minute Mix Directions
    1. Open Pecora Universal Color Pack and pour contents into 890FTS or 890FTS-TXTR pail.
    2. Move drill slowly throughout material for 3 minutes or until uniform color is achieved. No need to over mix.
    3. Remove mixing blade.
    4. Use clean bulk caulking gun for sealant application.Finish your job with Pecora:Pecora Color PackPecora Dynatred

      Pecora Dynaflex 1.5 Gallon

      Pecora Pre-tint 890NST

      Pecora 890 FTS Tintable

• Avoid paddle contact with pail.

• Scrape sides and bottom of can with flat-edge spatula or margin trowel rather than mixing paddle.

• Consider use of a follower plate when conditions are exceptionally warm and humid to avoid skinning.

• Dry tooling is recommended If a slicking agent is required use mineral spiritser sealant with the

To save any leftover mixed sealant, cov inner plastic wrap followed by the lid.


Just Add Color


Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

Adobe Accent, Almond, Aluminum Stone, Amarillo White, Anodized Aluminum, Beige, Beige Grey, Black, Brick Red, Brushed Pewter, Bronze, Buff, Charcoal Grey, Chocolate, Classic Bronze, Colonial Tan, Dark Grey, Dover Sky, Desert Tan, Desert Sun, Eggshell Cream, Evergreen, Granite Grey, Limestone, London Fog, Manor White, Mocha Cream, Nat Stone, Natural White, Off White, Pearl Ash, Patriot Blue, Precast Smp, Prairie Clay, Putty Grey, Redwood Tan, River Rouge, Rose, Sandal Wood Beige, Sandstone, Smokey Brown, Stone Grey, Sierra Tan, Tan Smp, Texas Pink, Toasted Almond, Tile Red, Tru White, Van Dyke