MasterSeal NP2 Color Pack: Np2 SL2


Masterseal color pack used to tint Np 2 / SL 2, 1 per 1.5 gal pail, 2 per 3 gal pail

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MasterSeal NP2 Color Pack: Np2 SL2

MasterSeal NP2 Color Pack is used to tint Np 2/SL 2, 1 per 1.5gal pail , 2 per 3gal pail. Questions? Contact us

The Master Builders Solutions Np2 Color Pack brand brings all of BASF’s expertise together to create chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Master Builders Solutions is built on the experience gained from more than a century in the construction industry.

The know-how and experience of a global community of BASF construction experts form the core of Master Builders Solutions. We combine the right elements from our portfolio to solve your specific construction challenges. We collaborate across areas

of expertise and regions and draw on the experience gained from countless construction projects worldwide. We leverage global BASF technologies, as well as our in-depth knowledge of local building needs, to develop innovations that help make you more successful and drive sustainable construction. The comprehensive portfolio under the Master Builders Solutions brand encompasses concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing solutions, sealants, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and performance flooring solutions.

40 standard, stocked colors are available. Refer to Master Builders Solutions Color Portfolio for additional colors.

1.MasterSeal NP 2 is a multi-component system with a configuration of Part A, Part B and a color pack.
2.Transfer entire contents of Part B to Part A container using a spatula or margin trowel.
3. MasterSeal NP2 Color Pack must be mixed thoroughly with Part A. Before adding pigment, scrape sides of container to ensure complete mixing of Parts A and B. With a slow- speed drill and a sealant mixing paddle, mix 4–6 minutes. Keep the paddle blade below the surface of the sealant to avoid whipping air into the sealant.

4.Transfer the entire contents of one MasterSeal 900 pigment can into the mixed Part A and B. Use a spatula or knife to remove all the pigment from the container. Continue mixing with a slow-speed drill and slotted paddle until color is uniform. During the process, scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times to obtain a complete mix.

5.The pot life of mixed MasterSeal 905 accelerator is influenced by temperature. See Table 2 for specific data. MasterSeal 905 accelerator may be added to adjust the initial cure rate.


Color Chart

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 10.16 in

Aluminum Gray 269-T, Beachwalk 6-P, Black 280-N, Brick Buff 99-T, Brick Red 167-A, Brown Berry 207-T, Cameo 231-P, Chrome Gray 271-P, Chrome Pink 175-U, Cloud Blue 351-P, Colonial Blue 366-P, Cream 106-P, Desert Tan 92-P, Green Mist 436-P, Haze Gray 272-P, Irish Green 429-N, Lime Gray 406-T, Limestone 273-P, Medium Bronze 258-N, Natural Gray 248-T, NP-2 Off White 221-P, Off White 226-P, Parchment 241-P, Parkland 242-T, Pebble 246-P, Quartz 455-P, Quick Silver 263-T, Redwood Tan 128-U, Riverbend 116-T, Shellside 186-P, Soft Blush 131-P, Special Bronze 259-N, Special Ivory 96-T, Special Tan 117-T, Special White 267-P, Steel Gray 277-U, Stone 251-T, Tan 98-T, White 452-P, Wine 177-A