Tremco Spectrem 4 Silicone: 1.5 Gal Sealant


• Tremco Universal Color Paks in 70 standard colors and no minimum purchase quantity afford color flexibility for seamless façade appearance.
• Opportunity to tint materials on-site means quick turn-around.
• A 20-yr non-stain warranty when pre-approved and tested by Tremco in accordance with ASTM C1248.
• Low polar attraction to dirt makes buildings easier to clean and maintain.
• Low-modulus and low Shore A hardness reduces chance of EIFS substrate failures when compared to applications with medium-modulus sealants.
• Primerless adhesion to most construction materials.
• Extended tooling time and workability in high temperatures.
• Ease of use reduces risk of application failure.
• No cure inhibition with Spectrem 1, Spectrem 2, Dymonic® FC when applied “wet-to-wet,” minimizing the chance of leakage when sealants abut at glazing and other façade intersects.
• Low-VOC and zero-solvent content satisfies the LEED Indoor Environmental Criteria.
• Greenguard Gold certification ensures safety for use in the most sensitive indoor environments including hospitals and schools.

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