Tremco Color Pack Universal : 240 Dymeric FC


Tremco color pack used to tint Tremco 240 FC and Spectrem 4 – TS. 1 per 1.5 gal pail

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Tremco color pack used to tint Tremco 240 FC and Spectrem 4 – TS. 1 per 1.5 gal pail and Tremco deck coatings. Questions? Contact us

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To improve the mixing process of Spectrem 4-TS base material and color pack, the following procedure can be used:

Immediately after opening the pail of Spectrem 4-TS, you can use a spatula to burrow into the center of the material creating a hole that reaches at least half way through the pail. Add the Tremco color pack to the void and begin mixing with the paddle mixer and slow speed drill down the middle of the pail. Working the bulk of the color pack into the center of the base material will lubricate the base material quicker, making it easier to mix the entire pail.

Always make sure to mix until there are no color striations. To do this, scrape the sides of the pail periodically, and ensure the paddle makes frequent contact with the bottom and far sides of the pail as the paddle is working up and down the height of the pail.

Doing this will make mixing Spectrem 4-TS easier by shortening the time it takes to get a well-mixed pail.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

Adobe Accent, Adobe Tan, Almond, Aluminum, Aluminum, Stone, Amarillo White, Anodized Aluminum, Antique Pink, Baptist Brick, Banner Red, Beach, Beige, Black, Blue Gray, Blue Spruce, Boysenberry, Buckskin, Brite White, Bronze, Brick Red, Buff, Builders Beige, Champagne, Charcoal, China White, Cotton, Dark Gray, Dark Bronze, Dark Green, Desert Taupe, Dusty Rose, Dover Sky, Eggshell Cream, Geographic Beige, Gray, Grey Stone, Hartford Green, Indep. Gray, Ivory, J. City Pink, Kelly Pink, Limestone, Lt. Bronze, Lt. Cream, Manor White, Medium Gray, Mile Gray, Mint, Moonlight, Mountain Fog, Natural Clay, Natural White, Navy Blue, Off White, Parchment, Precast White, Pearl Ash, Redwood Tan, River Rouge Red, Sandstone, Sandlewood Beige, Stone, Suede, Sunset Yellow, Super White, Toast Tan, Van Dyke