Pecora 890 FTS : Field Tintable Silicone Sealant 1.5 gal pail


  • Pecora 890 FTS is a one component, non-staining, field tintable, neutral curing silicone sealant 1.5 gal pail
  • Ability to produce virtually any color in the field through use of Pecora’s universal color pack system and color matching services.
  • The option of a smooth (890FTS) or a textured, grout- like appearance (890FTS-TXTR).
  • Will not stain natural stone or other porous surfaces.
  • Superior adhesion: Will bond tenaciously to most substrates without the need for priming.
  • See Tremco Spectrum 4 if not in stock

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Pecora 890 FTS is a non-staining field tintable neutral curing silicone sealant that will not stain natural stone such as marble and granite, and react with atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible building sealant. 1.5 gal pail.

Pecora 890 FTS and Pecora 890FTS- TXTR are field tintable, neutral-curing silicones that will not stain natural stone such as marble and granite, and will react with atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible building sealant. 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR both perform excep- tionally well under dynamic conditions with 890FTS accommodating long-term movement of +100/-50% and 890FTS- TXTR accommodating long-term move- ment of +50/-50% in properly designed joints. Harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures have very little effect on the performance of 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR even after years of exposure. They are also particularly well suited for use in Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) because of their proven strong adhesion to all base and top coats and because the ultra-low modulus formulation places minimal stress on the bond line. Questions?

  • Unprecedented Flexibility with 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR Silicone Sealants – high-quality, non-staining silicones that can be quickly and easily tinted at the jobsite. Pecora’s 890 Field Tintable Silicone line is the industry’s first to include a textured option. Perfect for historic restoration where stone and grout have previously been utilized. Used in conjunction with our Universal Color Packs, you have 51 standard color options to choose from. Custom color packs provide you with the flexibility of virtually any color your specific project requires. Pecora’s 890FTS and 890FTS TXTR eliminate waste and reduce your overall jobsite costs by allowing you to select your amount, select your color and select your appearance.


  • NST Non-Staining Technology™ Don’t Stain Your Reputation® offering the industry’s first complete line of non-staining silicones. We have removed the free fluids that are commonly associated with substrate staining as well as the residue rundown often seen on glass and metal panels. By removing the possibility of fluid migration Pecora has virtually eliminated the possibility of staining and residue rundown. NST silicones also provide the additional benefits of increased adhesion and reduced dirt pick up as compared to traditional silicones. Click here to download a sample NST 20-year warranty.


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Weight 18.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Smooth, Textured