Dymonic FC Tremco : Tremco 20oz Polyurethane Sausage


  • Fast cure
  • High performance
  • Low modulus
  • One-component
  • Polyurethane joint sealant
  • 15 Sausages in one case

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Introducing the perfect product for all of your construction needs, our Dymonic FC Tremco: Tremco 20oz Polyurethane Sausage at Metro Sealant is a one-component, moisture-curing sealant that offers a fast cure and high performance.

About the Dymonic FC Tremco: Tremco 20oz Polyurethane Sausage

The Dymonic FC Tremco is a one-component, high-performance polyurethane sealant that is fast-curing, low-modulus, and intended for use in industrial and construction applications. The product consists of a 20oz polyurethane sausage that provides superior adhesion to many substrates without the need for primers. It also offers excellent weathering characteristics in harsh environments, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

The sealant has a fast curing time with water as its curing agent and can be applied in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 50°C. Its low-modulus formulation enables it to stay flexible throughout its life while providing outstanding durability against environmental factors such as UV radiation, weathering, and temperature cycling. The one-component design makes the application process quick and easy with minimal preparation required before use.

Why Buy Dymonic FC Tremco: Tremco 20oz Polyurethane Sausage from Metro Sealant?

At Metro Sealant, we understand that customers need reliable products that get the job done right when it comes to caulking and sealing. That’s why Dymonic FC Tremco from our store provides superior adhesion with minimal shrinkage after curing. As an elastomeric sealant, Dymonic FC will move with the joint as temperature changes occur without cracking or breaking down over time.

To learn more about our Dymonic FC Tremco: Tremco 20oz Polyurethane Sausage, contact us today!

Additional information

Weight .97 kg
Dimensions 33.02 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm

Almond, Aluminum Stone, Anodized Aluminum, Beige, Black, Bronze, Buff, Dark Bronze, Gray, Hartford Green, Ivory, Light Bronze, Limestone, Natural Clay, Off-White, Precast, Redwood Tan, Stone, White

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