GE UltraGlaze AC SSG4000AC 20oz Sausage


  • One-part system, accelerated cure
  • Black and grey
  • ±25% movement capacity

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GE UltraGlaze SSG4000 structural glazing adhesive is a one-component, high-strength neutral cure silicone elastomeric adhesive designed and tested for structurally glazed curtain wall applications. The material is supplied as a paste, which cures into a durable flexible silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. Questions? Contact Us.

Surface Preparation:
Sealants may not adhere or maintain long-term adhesion to substrates if the surface is not prepared and cleaned properly before sealant application. Using proper materials and following prescribed surface preparation and cleaning procedures is vital for sealant adhesion. Momentive Performance Materials can provide quality control information and suggestions to user upon request.

Method of Application:
UltraGlaze SSG4000 structural glazing adhesive can be dispensed directly from cartridges and foil sausage packs or by using a bulk caulking gun in conjunction with a follower plate and 5 gallon pails. The sealant may also be dispensed from 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails with pumping equipment. Consult Momentive Performance Materials regarding suggested pumping equipment and information.

GE Ultraglaze accelerated cure rate allows adhesion and strength to build rapidly, helping expedite the fabrication process.

With a 100% silicone based formula, SSG4000AC UltraGlaze sealant forms a strong, flexible cushion between the glass and the frame. Its accelerated cure profile can help meet production demands without compromising strength. SSG4000AC is an excellent choice to consider for in-shop or in-field structural glazing and curtainwall applications. Plus, it can withstand severe impact and extreme weather without tearing, rupturing, or degrading well into the future.

GE Ultraglaze SSG4000AC UltraGlaze sealant securely bonds without a primer to many substrates and finishes including glass, glass coatings, ceramic frits, paints, and aluminum. Some finishes or substrates may require a primer.



Additional information

Weight .98 kg
Dimensions 33.66 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm

Black, Grey


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