Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane


  • Very good adhesion – bonds to most construction
    materials without a primer
  • Very good resistance to weathering
  • Proven in tough climates around the world
  • Urethane-based, suggested by EPA for radon reduction
  • Application Temperature: 40F to 100F (4C to 38C)
  • Can be painted
  • Non-leaching
  • Movement capability of +100/-50%
  • See page 3 of technical data sheet for coverage chart

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Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane

Are you in need of something perfect for moving joints in vertical applications? Something that can work with the same while also working with different materials? In such as case, our Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane may be the right choice for you. You may proceed to read further to learn about its features.

About the Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane

Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane is a perfect solution for vertical application joints. It offers superior flexibility, elasticity, and excellent adhesion and durability. This product is perfect for use between similar substrates and dissimilar substrates such as wood, metal, aluminum, stone, masonry, or concrete.

Its flexible yet strong properties make it ideal for indoor and outdoor residential projects like skylights, windowsills, or doorframes. Sikaflex 15LM Sausage 20oz Polyurethane is easy to apply with its sausage-like shape, which helps prevent dripping or sagging during application on vertical surfaces. After being applied, it cures quickly so that the joint can be immediately subjected to light stress without causing damage.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in

Almond, Aluminum Gray, Aluminum Stone, Beige, Black, Capital Tan, Colonial White, Coping Stone, Dark Bronze, Limestone, Medium Bronze, Off White, Redwood Tan, Stone, White