Sikalatex R : Acrylic Latex Bonding Agent


  • Concrete/Mortar/Grout/etc. containing SikaLatex R exhibits improved adhesion to pre-pared substrates
  • Increased adhesive strength of mortar/concrete when used as a bonding grout
  • Increased resistance to freeze/thaw durability
  • Does not produce a vapor barrier


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Sikalatex  R is an acrylic-polymer latex. It is not reemulsifiable. It is a general purpose admixture which will produce polymer-modified concrete and mortar. Sika latex R is also a bonding grout when mixed with sand and portland cement. Questions? Contact Us.

Uses: Admixture (replacing water) used in cement based products to improve adhesion, achieve a denser surface, and improve overall performance

As a bonding grout (prime coat) when mixed with sand and portland cement

Applying Concrete/Mortar:                                                                                                                                                        Remove all deteriorated concrete, dirt, oil, grease, and all bond-inhibiting materials from surface. Be sure repair is not less than 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) in depth. Preparation work should be done by high pressure water blast, scabbler, or other appropriate mechanical means to obtain an aggregate fractured surface with a minimum surface profile of 1/16
in. (1.6 mm). Saturate surface with clean water. Substrate should be saturated surface dry (SSD) with no standing water during application.

As admixture/mixing solution: With mixer running, add materials in the following order: SikaLatex R solution
and then the cement based product. Replace the amount of water recommended by the product. Do not dilute with water. As a bonding grout: With the mixer running, add in the following order. SikaLatex R solution, aggregate,
cement. The ratio is 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and a sufficient amount of undiluted SikaLatex R to produce a
creamy paint consistency. Maximum 4 gal./sack of cement (15L/sack of cement).

Admixture: Immediately trowel SikaLatex R mortar or concrete mix into areas to be patched. Do not overfinish. As soon as the application is done, to prevent damage, cure with damp burlap and/or white pigmented polyethylene film. Curing should continue for 24 hours. Pre-testing is recommended when adding SikaLatex R to a specific mix design to assure the results required.

Bonding Grout: Brush grout into area to be resurfaced with stiff-bristled broom or scrub brush. Be sure entire
surface and all edges are coated. Apply topping immediately over scrub coat before the bonding slurry dries.



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