Sikadur 51 SL: Epoxy Flexible Resin


▪ Remains flexible
▪ Does not age-harden
▪ Prevents deterioration of joint edges
▪ Excellent adhesive properties.
▪ Conforms to ACI 302.1R (4.10-Joint Materials)
▪ Ideal for use with plural injection type systems
▪ Can be used on grades up to 15%.
▪ Shock absorbent and durable
▪ Withstands wheel traffic and heavy loads
▪ Use as a security sealant
▪ Use as a tamper resistant sealant

Product Data Sheet

Part A: Safety Data Sheet

Part B: Safety Data Sheet

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Sikadur 51 SL: Epoxy Flexible Resin

ikadur-51 SL is a two component, self-leveling, 100% solids, flexible, control joint resin sealer and adhesive. Questions?Contact Us.

Used to fill horizontal, non-moving, saw cut construction control joints and cracks.
Used as a flexible adhesive.

Surface must be clean, sound and dry. Remove dust, laitance, grease, curing compounds, bond inhibiting impregnations, waxes and any other contaminants. All projections, rough spots, etc. should be removed to achieve a level surface prior to the application.

Concrete should be cleaned and prepared to achieve a laitance-free and contaminant-free, open textured surface by shot blasting or equivalent mechanical means (CSP-3 to CSP-4 as per ICRI guidelines).

Sweep and vacuum any remaining dirt and dust with a wet/dry vacuum. Removing residual dust will help ensure a tenacious bond between the primer/ coating and the substrate. Whenever “shot-blasting” is utilized, be careful to leave concrete with a uniform texture.

“Over-blasting” will result in reduced coverage rates of the primer and/or subsequent topcoats. The “shotblast” pattern may show through the last coat, known as “tracking”. The compressive strength of the concrete substrate should be at least 3626 psi (25 MPa) with a minimum pull off strength of 218 psi (1.5 MPa) in tension at the time of application. For other substrates, please contact Sikafloor Technical Services.

Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume. Premix each component. Pour Component A and Component B into a clean container in equal parts by volume. Mix appropriately with a low speed drill (400 to 600 rpm) for at least 3 minutes until the consistency and color are uniform. Mix only the amount that will be applied within the product’s lifetime.

Pour the mixed Sikadur®-51 SL into the prepared joint or use low-pressure extrusion equipment.

Option one:
Allow the material to flow slowly, settle and self-level filling entire depth. Strike-off level and remove any excess material where required, before it hardens.

Option Two:
If applied generously, sealant will overflow out of joint. Allow material to completely harden. Apply heat with an industrial heating gun to soften cured resin. Shave Sikadur-51 SL with a sharp razor to level with the surfaces of the concrete that define the control joint.


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