Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod: High Modulus Epoxy


  • Extended pot life
  • Moisture-tolerant before, during, and after cure
  • High-modulus, high-strength, structural paste adhesive Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, metals,
    wood, and most structural materials
  • Paste consistency ideal for vertical and overhead applications
  • Fast-setting and strength-producing adhesive
  • Convenient easy mix ratio A:B = 2:1 by volume

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Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod: High Modulus Epoxy

Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel LPL is a 2-component, 100 % solids, moisture-insensitive, high-modulus, highstrength, structural epoxy paste adhesive. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881, Types I and IV, Grade-3, Class-C and AASHTO M-235 specifications. Questions? Contact Us.

Sikadur-31 Hi-Mod Gel LPL may only be used by experienced professionals. Structural bonding of concrete, masonry, metals, wood, etc. to a maximum glue line of 1/8 in. (3mm) Seals cracks and around injection ports prior to
pressure-injection grouting, Interior, vertical, and overhead repair of concrete as an epoxy mortar binder As a pick-proof sealant around windows, doors, lockups etc. inside correctional facilities.

Surface must be clean and sound. It may be dry or damp, but free of standing water. Remove dust, laitance,
grease, curing compounds, impregnations, waxes, foreign particles, disintegrated materials and any other

Preparation Work: Concrete – Sandblast or use other approved mechanical methods. Steel – Blast clean or use other equivalent mechanical means to achieve a white metal finish.

Pre-mix each component. Proportion 1 part Component ‘B’ to 2 parts Component ‘A’ by volume into a clean pail.
Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes with Sika paddle on lowspeed (400–600 rpm) drill until uniform in color. Mix only that quantity that can be used within its pot life.

To prepare an epoxy mortar: Slowly add up to 1 part by loose volume of an oven-dried aggregate to 1 part of the
mixed Sikadur-31 Hi-Mod Gel LPL and mix until uniform in consistency.

As a structural adhesive – Apply the neat mixed Sikadur-31 Hi-Mod Gel LPL, to the mating or nonmating prepared substrates. Work into the substrate for positive adhesion. Secure the bonded unit firmly into place until the adhesion has cured. Glue line should not exceed 1/8 in. (3 mm).

To seal cracks for injection grouting – Place the neat mixed material over the cracks to be pressure injected and around each injection port. Allow sufficient time to set before pressure injecting.

For interior vertical and overhead patching – Place the prepared mortar in void, working the material into the
prepared substrate, filling the cavity. Strike off level. Lifts should not exceed 1 in. (25 mm).

As a pick-proof sealant – Use automated or manual method. Apply an appropriate size bead of material around the area being sealed. Seal with neat Sikadur-31 Hi-Mod Gel LPL.




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