Blueskin VP160 : Henry Vapor Permeable


  •  Meets highest industry standards for commercial air barriers
  • Sheds water while allowing vapor to pass through allowing walls to drain and substrates to dry
  •  Creates a continuous plane of air-tightness helping to improve building thermal performance
  •  Fully adheres to substrates eliminating water migration
  • Use Henry Crystal Clear 212 as a sealant at overlaps.

Data Sheet


Blueskin VP160 is a self-adhered vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier consisting of an engineered film surface and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film. Blueskin VP160 is fully adhered to the wall substrates in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment. Questions? Contact Us.

Surface Prep: All surfaces to receive Blueskin VP160 must be dry and clean of oil, dust, frost, bulk water and other contaminates that would limit adhesion of membrane. Acceptable substrates are exterior-grade gypsum sheathing, plywood, OSB, precast or cast-in-place concrete, concrete block, steel, aluminum and galvanized metal. Strike masonry joints full-flush. Concrete surfaces must be smooth and without large voids, spalled areas or sharp protrusions. Concrete must be cured a minimum of 14 days. Curing compounds and release agents used in concrete construction must be resin based without oil or wax. If appropriate adhesion is not obtained due to conditions beyond the control of the installer, the application of adhesive-primer will be required. Approved adhesive-primers include Blueskin Adhesive, Blueskin LVC Adhesive or Aquatac Primer. In addition, Blueskin Spray Prep Primer can be used with light coats that are allowed to dry fully prior to covering. Availability may vary by region. Coated surfaces not covered by air barrier during the working day must be recoated.

Apply: Blueskin VP160 must be installed in a consecutive weatherboard method starting at bottom or base of wall and working up providing minimum of 2” (5 cm) overlaps. Position Blueskin VP160 for alignment with release paper in place; roll back, peel away split-back film and apply pressure to assure adhesion. Surface must be rolled after application with a countertop or J-roller with adequate pressure to ensure adhesion to substrate and laps and to remove fish-mouths and wrinkles. Seal membrane terminations, heads of mechanical fasteners, masonry tie fasteners, around penetrations, duct work, electrical and other apparatus extending through the Blueskin VP160 around the perimeter edge of membrane, and terminations at window and door frames with 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant. Apply 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant in a 1/4” (6mm) bead and tool to thickness of approximately 40 mils (1mm) prior to sealant skinning over. Note: excessive or heavy application of 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant may cause superficial wrinkling of Blueskin VP160 in some situations.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 20.32 × 20.32 × 121.92 cm

4" x 100', 6" x 100', 9" x 100', 12" x 100', 48" x 100'