Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash: Self-Adhered


  • Impermeable to air, moisture vapor and water
  • Easy self-adhered application
  •  Self-sealing when punctured
  •  Excellent cold weather adhesion
  •  Highly flexible making installation easy

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash: Self-Adhered

Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash is a self-adhered flashing consisting of a synthetic butyl compound which is integrally laminated to a white engineered polypropylene film surface. It is specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate.

Blueskin Butyl Flash is designed for use as a concealed self-adhered flashing against water, air and moisture infiltration. Blueskin Butyl Flash is commonly used to provide a weather tight seal around fenestrations, joints in sheathing, and as a general flashing in residential and commercial construction.

Surface Prep

Substrates should be dry and clean of oil, dust, excess mortar and sharp protrusions. Concrete surfaces must be cured a minimum of 14 days. Acceptable substrates are precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, concrete block, primed steel, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, gypsum board and wood. For best adhesion onto Oriented Strand Board (OSB), install the panel with the smooth side out. Strike masonry joints flush. Concrete surfaces must be smooth and without large voids, spalled areas or sharp protrusions. Where curing compounds are used, they must be clear resin-based without oil, wax or pigments.

For best possible adhesion results or when applying to concrete or masonry, apply Blueskin Spray Prep or Aquatac primer and allow to thoroughly dry before Blueskin Butyl Flash is applied. Coated surfaces not covered by flashing during the working day must be recoated.


Position Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash for alignment with release paper in place; roll back, peel away release paper and press firmly over substrate. Apply pressure along entire surface once in place to ensure a strong bond. The best method to ensure full contact is to roll entire surface with a countertop roller. Orient laps in shingle fashion to shed water with a minimum of 50 mm (2”) on both side and end laps. When using membrane with brick ties, position flashing, press in place and cut for ties or projections.

Finish your Henry System:

Henry Crystal Clear 212

Henry Blueskin VP160


Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash is designed for exposure of up to 150 days, but is not designed for permanent exposure to ultra-violet light and should be covered as soon as practical after application. It is compatible with rigid PVC/vinyl membranes as well as many sealants. For best results, use Henry 925 BES Sealant for general use or Henry 212 Crystal Clear Sealant as a termination sealant. Solvent based sealants should never be covered until fully cured.

Henry Blueskin Butyl Flash Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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