Carlisle 705VP: Fire Resist Air Barrier


• Composition and low fuel contribution enable use in many NFPA 285 Wall Assemblies.
• Immediate rain resistance, including wind-driven rain, after installation
• Printed facer provides easy product identification
• Factory-controlled composition provides uniform coverage
• Self-adhering membrane provides easy, reliable installation
• No spray equipment or mil-thickness measurements required
• Breathable membrane allows passage of water vapor, permitting use in wall assemblies where a vapor barrier is not needed
• Lightweight 4-ft. width rolls allow for fast and easy installation
• Airtightness allows for improved building performance
• Fire Resist 705 VP is a warranted air barrier system from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Carlisle 705VP: Fire Resist Air Barrier

Carlisle 705VP Fire Resist, manufactured by Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing, is a composite membrane consisting of a breathable specially engineered film fully coated on one side with a permeable adhesive. The adhesive side of Fire Resist 705 VP has a silicone-coated release film, which is removed and discarded during installation. Carlisle 705VP Fire Resist is provided in rolls of various widths and will adhere firmly when pressed against the substrate. Fire Resist 705 VP membrane permits passage of water vapor, yet it performs as a barrier to air and liquid water. Fire Resist 705 VP is designed for use in above-grade wall assemblies to function as an air- and water-resistive barrier. Fire Resist 705 VP can be applied over many common building materials including gypsum sheathing, foam sheathing, concrete masonry unit (CMU), concrete, wood, structural steel, metal fl ashings, aluminum extrusions and rigid PVC (i.e. pipe/conduit, window frames). Surface preparation with CCW-702 WB, CAV-GRIP or TRAVEL-TACK contact adhesive is often required to promote consistent adhesion. Questions? Contact Us.

Install Fire Resist 705 VP in horizontal rows or in vertical runs. Wipe dust or debris from film side of product with a clean, dry rag to assist
in forming tight laps. Avoid forming wrinkles and air pockets. Press membrane firmly to substrate with a J-roller, especially at laps, corners and terminations. Overlap adjoining pieces of Fire Resist 705 VP a minimum of 3″. Use Fire Resist 705 VP strips for detailing. Sequence the installation to provide shingled laps. Membrane shall bear minimum 3″ onto each side of transitions such as joints, angle changes and substrate changes. Membrane shall bear 6″ minimum onto adjacent membrane systems such as foundation waterproofing or roofing. Install self-adhered flashing details directly to substrate, not to Fire-Resist 705 VP. Use CCW selfadhered flashings to wrap window openings, to treat pipe/duct penetrations and to cover expansion joints as shown in Fire Resist 705 VP details. Seal termination of 705 VP onto self-adhered flashings with approved termination sealant. Select self-adhered flashings and termination sealant as follows: Max. 180 Day Exposure on standard substrates: Fire-Resist 705 FR-A and Dow Corning 758. Max. 180 day exposure on R2+ or other
approved foam sheathing substrate: AlumaGRIP 701 and Dow Corning 758. Max. 60 day exposure on standard substrates: CCW-705 and LM 800XL or Greenbond WB. Lower installation temperature and dusty conditions may require prepping laps with CCW-702 WB, TRAVEL-TACK or CAV-GRIP as required. Installation below 40°F requires preparation of substrates and laps with CAV-GRIP or TRAVEL-TACK.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 10 in

4" x 100', 6" x 100', 9" x 100', 12" x 100', 18" x 100', 24" x 100', 36" x 75', 48" x 100'