Carlisle Barritech NP: Fluid Applied Membrane


• Fire-retardant composition permits use in many wall assemblies requiring NFPA 285
• Dries to a distinctive dark blue color for easy identification (light blue color when wet)
• Tough construction and 180-day UV resistance allows flexibility in schedule
• High water resistance of cured membrane permits use in high moisture exposure areas
• Non-flammable & fume-free composition contributes to safety during installation
• Easy, water clean-up of tools & equipment reduces harmful chemicals on the jobsite
• Spray-through standard, one-part equipment provides a simple and quick installation
• Monolithic coverage and self-sealing properties around fasteners enable an air and watertight installation
• Non-asphalt composition permits contact with many window and joint sealants.
• Barritech NP is a warranted air/vapor barrier system from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Carlisle Barritech NP: Fluid Applied Membrane

Carlisle Barritech NP is a fluid-applied membrane made of fire-retardent, synthetic polymer composition. Carlisle Barritech NP is applied to exterior wall assemblies where it functions as an air barrier, vapor barrier and a water-resistive barrier. Barritech NP can be applied over concrete block, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing, plywood, OSB and many other common building materials. The product is fully adhered to the substrate, flexible and rubber-like. Barritech NP is a single-component, air-drying product applied by spray or roller at nominal 0.040″ (40 mils) dry film thickness. The high film thickness and flexible, elastic properties enable Barritech NP to bridge cracks and seal around penetrations, which creates a truly continuous, monolithic air, vapor and water barrier. Questions? Contact Us.

In sheathing over stud construction, sheathing joints shall be detailed with any of the following two methods: 1) 2″ width x 40 mil thickness ribbon of Barribond centered over joint; 2) 4″ DCH reinforcing fabric centered over joint and imbedded in Barritech NP. Window openings, inside-outside corners, base of wall, roofline, control joints and other transitions shall be flashed with CCW self-adhered flashing or Liquifiber imbedded in Barritech NP or DCH Reinforcing Fabric imbedded in Barritech NP. P/S Elastoform may be used to detail expansion joints and window wall transitions. Please consult CCW details for guidance. Apply Barritech NP over surfaces at minimum 0.070″ (70 mils) wet in a single or multiple coats through approved spray equipment. Recommended spray tip sizes are GHD 635 for high coverage and GHD 429 for detail coat. Consult the CCW Spray Equipment Brochure for detailed information. Theoretical application rate is 23 square feet per gallon in one coat. Barritech NP may also be applied with a paint roller. For roller application, apply a minimum of two 0.035″ (35 mils) wet thickness coats. Theoretical application rate is 46 square feet per gallon for each coat. For roller application, allow Barritech NP to dry firm between coats.

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