Barribond XL Sausage: Liquid Flashing & Detail Sealant


• Simple system warranted by one manufacturer: Complete installation only requires CCW liquid membrane and BarriBondXL (2 products)
• Qualified as a liquid fl ashing to American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association standard (AAMA 714-15)
• Convenient 20 fl -oz. (0.6 L) Sausage pack: long shelf life, easy extrusion, minimal waste
• Highly Thixotropic Behavior: neat installation, no slumping or dripping, easy to trowel smooth
• High Solids: 1-coat application, fi lls cracks and gaps up to 1″ (25.4mm) wide, virtually no shrinkage after cure
• Flexible & Elastic: Forms a tough, durable, and seamless coating at critical details
• Rapid Cure: Resists rain within minutes of application. Resistant to standing water after cure
• User-Friendly: Compatible with many common construction materials and CCW Air Barriers
• Can be applied over damp concrete and masonry substrates
• Low VOC, Low Odor
• No Shrinkage or Staining
• Resistant to Organic Growth

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Barribond XL Sausage: Liquid Flashing & Detail Sealant

Barribond XL is a high-solids, silane-terminated polyether (STPE) based compound designed for detailing rough openings, penetrations, sheathing joints, countersunk screws, transitions, angle changes, and other critical details encountered in CCW Fluid-Applied Air Barrier Systems. BarriBondXL can also be used as a termination mastic over CCW Self-Adhered Sheet Flashing Membranes. Barribond XL is a single-component, moisture-cured adhesive/sealant which is applied from a sausage caulking gun, then smoothed in place with a trowel or squeegee. BarriBondXL is offered in a signature blue-gray color for easy identification in warranted CCW Air Barrier Systems. The product is formulated for clean, easy application over horizontal, vertical, and inverted surfaces. Questions? Contact Us.

Surfaces shall be clean of oil, dust, and sound with no excess mortar droppings. Concrete and masonry surfaces can be damp, but no standing water or frost. All other substrates shall be dry. Concrete Masonry Joints shall be free of voids and shall be tooled or struck flush. Gaps from ¼” to 1″ wide shall be fitted with backer rod. Joints receiving backer rod shall provide a sealant depth of at least a ¼” but not more than ½”. Acceptable substrates include Concrete Masonry Units, mortar/grout, concrete, exterior grade gypsum board, plywood, OSB, wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, and anodized aluminum. Any damaged gypsum sheathing should be replaced. Voids or irregularities in concrete or masonry substrates should be patched using a cementitious patching compound as needed.

Apply BarriBondXL in serpentine beads over the substrate. Spread BarriBondXL using a squeegee or a trowel to provide full, uniform
coverage over the substrate. Apply to openings, pipe/duct penetrations and inside/outside corners as shown in the respective CCW air barrier system standard details. Apply BarriBondXL at a uniform wet mil thickness of 40 mils (0.040 inch), continuously monitoring thickness with a CCW Wet Mil Thickness Gauge to assure adequate coverage. BarriBondXL can be applied in a single coat. To facilitate installation, joints and gaps between dissimilar substrates may be treated with BarriBondXL and allowed to cure firm before proceeding with trowel coverage of the liquid fl ashing area. Also, the raw edge of gypsum sheathing can be treated with CCW-702, 702 LV, or 702 WB to consolidate this substrate and facilitate coverage with BarriBondXL. In liquid fl ashing applications, BarriBondXL shall tie into the main CCW Air Barrier Membrane with a minimum 2 inch lap. CCW BarriBondXL can be applied over all CCW Air Barrier Membranes, or the CCW membranes can be applied over BarriBondXL, depending on construction progression.

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