Barribond HP Sausage: Liquid Flashing & Detail Sealant


• Simple system warranted by one manufacturer: Complete installation only requires CCW liquid membrane and BarriBond HP (2 products)
• Qualified as a liquid flashing to American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association standard (AAMA 714-15)
• Convenient 20 fl -oz. (0.6 L) Sausage pack: long shelf life, easy extrusion, minimal waste
• Highly Thixotropic Behavior: neat installation, no slumping or dripping, easy to trowel smooth
• High Solids: 1-coat application, fi lls cracks and gaps up to 1″ (25.4mm) wide, virtually no shrinkage after cure
• Flexible & Elastic: Forms a tough, durable, and seamless coating at critical details
• Rapid Cure: Resists rain within minutes of application. Resistant to standing water after cure
• User-Friendly: Compatible with many common construction materials and CCW Air Barriers
• Can be applied over damp concrete and masonry substrates
• Low VOC, Low Odor
• No Shrinkage or Staining
• Resistant to Organic Growth

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