Grace Preprufe 300r Plus


  • Pre-applied waterproofing membrane
  • Resistant to various gases

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Grace Preprufe 300r plus is a pre-applied waterproofing membrane designed to provide robust protection against water, moisture, and gas infiltration.

These unique composite sheets feature a thick HDPE film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and weather-resistant protective coating, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.
Goes with CJ tape and preprufe 160R

Using Advanced Bond Technology™ and dual adhesive ZipLap™ seams, PREPRUFE® 300R Plus creates a strong bond with poured concrete. This bond stops water from moving and isn’t affected by the ground shifting under the slabs, offering great protection. The sheets act as a barrier, separating the structure from the surrounding surface, preventing water from getting in or moving sideways.

One of the notable advantages of Grace PREPRUFE® 300R Plus is its easy and dependable installation. The design doesn’t have a release liner, making installation faster and reducing waste on construction sites. The watertight ZipLap™ seams, where the sheets overlap, create a secure connection even in tough conditions, without needing special equipment, heat, or power. The roll-out installation process further simplifies things, saving time and money.

PREPRUFE® 300R Plus continues to offer benefits. The sheets don’t need priming or fillets, making installation simpler and faster. They can be applied to permanent formwork, making the most of limited spaces. Additionally, they are self-protective, allowing immediate traffic and reinforcement placement after applying them. The sheets aren’t affected by wet conditions on the job site, avoiding premature activation.

Grace PREPRUFE 300R Plus is naturally waterproof, forming a passive, non-reactive waterproofing system that doesn’t rely on pressure or water. They can withstand freezing, thawing, and wet/dry cycles. Additionally, the sheets have excellent chemical resistance, protecting structures from salt or sulfate damage in different soil and water conditions.

Gas resistance is another important feature of PREPRUFE 300R Plus. They effectively prevent the entry of Methane, Radon, Benzene, Toluene, Gasoline, and other harmful substances from landfills and natural sources. They also meet the performance requirements for a gas-resistant membrane, providing comprehensive protection.


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