Pecora 896: Translucent Glazing Silicone


  • Primerless adhesion to vinyl, PVC, Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 based paint and coatings, anodized aluminum, wood and most other common substrates
    associated with the fenestration industry.
  • High strength and extreme movement capabilities facilitating its use in most
    demanding metal, vinyl and wood window applications.
  • Fast cure-through which enables the manufacturer to increase productivity by reducing the holding period resulting in faster shipment of finished units

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Pecora 896: Translucent Glazing Silicone

Pecora 896 is a one-part neutral curing, medium-modulus silicone sealant specially formulated for the window and door glazing industry. Cured in the presence of atmospheric moisture, 896 skins within minutes, cures through (1/4” bead) in less than 24 hours and develops quick sure adhesion.

Basic Uses

  •  In-shop fabrication of windows as a primary bedding compound for glass in
    wood, vinyl and aluminum and steel sash; as a seam sealer, as well as cap, toe
    or heel beads for windows and doors.
  •  Perimeter weatherseal for field glazing and window installation.

Joint Design

A thin bead of Pecora 896 silicone will accommodate more movement than a
thick bead. The width or depth of the sealant should not be less than 1/8”
(3 mm). In joints up to 3/8” (9 mm) wide, depth of the sealant should be equal to the width. In joints over 3/8” (9 mm), but not exceeding one inch (25 mm), the depth should be maintained at 3/8” (9mm).


Install backup material or joint filler. Apply sealant in a continuous operation. In cap bead glazing, tool the sealant applied at the sill so that precipitation and cleaning solutions will not pool.

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Excess sealant should be removed from all surfaces while still
uncured. Cured sealant is very difficult to remove without altering or damaging the surfaces to which the sealant has been misapplied.

Shelf Life

Pecora 896 silicone glazing sealant has a shelf life of twelve (12) months
from the date of manufacture when stored in unopened cartridges at temperatures lower than 80°F (27°C) or nine (9) months in tightly sealed bulk packages and performs equally well during any part of this shelf life.


10.1 fl. oz. (300 ml) plastic cartridges


Pecora 896 Silicone glazing  sealant should not be used in the following

  • In totally confined or air free spaces.
  •  With building materials that bleed oils,
    plasticizers or solvents.
  •  On surfaces that will require painting.


  •  Where abrasion or abuse is expected.
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