Prosoco Siloxane PD 5 Gallon


  • Works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Service life is estimated to be 10 or more years
  • Water base minimizes fire hazard
  • Helps resist cracking, spalling, staining, and other water damage
  • Comes ready-to-use
  • 5 Gallons per container
  • Coverage Rate: 300-1200 sq ft/gal. See product data sheet for variations per substrate

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Siloxane PD Coverage Calculator

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Prosoco Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane PD (predilute) is an excellent choice for a water repellent solution for concrete, masonry, and stucco surfaces. This ready-to-use, water-based silane/siloxane formula offers exceptional protection while preserving the natural breathing characteristics of treated surfaces.

Siloxane PD forms a powerful barrier that helps masonry withstand the harmful effects of water intrusion. By preventing moisture from seeping into the substrate, it ensures lasting durability and preserves the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces.
One of the key advantages of Siloxane PD is its user-friendly nature. With its low odor and alkaline stability, it provides a pleasant application experience while remaining effective in a variety of conditions. Whether you’re applying it in the field or in a controlled plant environment, Siloxane PD is your ideal choice for effortless and reliable application.
Siloxane PD’s versatile formula is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, masonry, and stucco. Its ready-to-use nature eliminates the hassle of dilution, making it convenient and time-saving. Simply apply Siloxane PD directly to the surface and experience its remarkable water repellent properties.
Don’t compromise on the integrity of your structures. Upgrade to Prosoco Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane PD and provide your concrete, masonry, and stucco surfaces with the ultimate protection against water intrusion. Ensure their longevity, beauty, and resistance to damage with this advanced, easy-to-use water repellent. Choose Siloxane PD for superior results in field and in-plant applications.
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