Tremdrain NW 4×50: Tremco Drainage and Protection Boards


  •  TREMDrain Series Drainage and Protection Boards replace or eliminate the need for a separate protection course.
  • Provide an uninterrupted flow plane and eliminate the opportunity for hydrostatic pressure to form against a wall.
  •  Lightweight and easy to install compared to conventional pipe and stone drainage
  • Not to be used as an exposed wearing surface. Limit UV exposure to a maximum of 14 days.
  •  Not for use beneath sand-set vehicular pavers.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Tremdrain NW 4×50: Tremco Drainage and Protection Boards

Tremdrain is a two-layer drainage mat consisting of a polystyrene core and nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene fabric. Questions? Contact Us.

Basic Uses-The Tremdrain Series of mats are used with TREMproof and Paraseal waterproofing membranes serving both as a protection course and replacement for traditional pipe and stone drainage systems.

Tremdrain Series Drainage Mats may be installed in backfilled wall, blindside wall, between slab, and on occasion below slab-on-grade applications.  Backfilled Wall Applications:  TREMDrain Series Drainage Mats may be installed with the seams running horizontally or vertically over the waterproofing system.  If the waterproofing system is cold fluid-applied, the membrane must be fully cured or set prior to placement of the drainage. A protection course may be placed over the membrane prior to drainage installation. Then drainage may be placed immediately over the protection course. Place drainage with the filter fabric (all types) facing the installer. The seams should tightly abut or slightly overlap the flange so that the filter fabric overlaps. The seams should then be taped with underground rated tape (optional; product is not supplied by Tremco). When the seams align horizontally, the seam shall be placed such that the fabric creates a ship lap. The TREMDrain Series Drainage Mat may be adhered with 3M’s Holdfast 70 spray adhesive, fastened above the cold fluid membrane termination, or insulation pins may be adhered to the waterproofing and the drainage installed against the pins. The drainage may also be held in place by slowly backfilling during installation. At the grade line, using a utility knife, cut back four inches of the core
taking care not to cut the fabric. Fold the fabric back behind the core so that the top of the drainage is completely covered to prevent any backfill material from entering the core. NOTE: Do not mechanically fasten through the cold
fluid applied waterproofing membrane.Application Sheet




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