Henry Air Bloc: Liquid Flashing


  • Fast curing, high solids and single component
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Excellent compatibility with all Henry® air barriers and components, including rubberized asphalt
  • Easy to install, no special equipment required
  • Case Quantity : 12


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Henry Air Bloc: Liquid Flashing

Are you in the market for a fast-curing liquid flashing material? Our Henry Air Bloc Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage at Metro Sealant is a great choice! If you wish to learn more about its unique features, do not hesitate to read this till the end.

About the Henry Air Bloc: Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage

Henry Air Bloc liquid flashing 20oz sausage is the perfect solution for heavy-duty applications. With fast curing efficiency and no need to add moisture, this product stands out from other similar products. Henry Air Bloc Liquid Flashing cures quickly through reaction with airborne moisture, allowing for a quicker installation process.

It also provides excellent adhesion to various substrates such as brick, concrete block, sheet metal, etc. This product is suitable for many residential and commercial uses, including window installations, door frames and jambs, bathtubs and showers, skylights, and more.

The cured material forms an elastic seal that resists cracking or breaking even with extreme temperature shifts or physical impacts. Additionally, it can be easily applied with conventional caulking guns eliminating the need for special tools or equipment, making it a great choice for large-scale projects and DIY jobs.

Why Buy Henry Air Bloc: Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage from Metro Sealant?

At Metro Sealant, we are proud to offer a high quality product designed to improve the performance of your construction projects. Henry Air Bloc Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage is an innovative product that works great in various applications. With its superior adhesion and flexibility, this liquid flashing provides superior protection against water penetration, which can cause expensive and time-consuming repair work.

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To learn more about our Henry Air Bloc: Liquid Flashing 20oz Sausage, contact us today!

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