Henry 925 Sausage : 20oz BES Sealant


  • Provides excellent weathering resistance, flexibility and very low VOC through use of a silyl-terminated polyether polymer (STPE)
  • External joint sealant for Henry® air barrier, waterproofing and roofing systems
  • Alternative to silicone and moisture cure urethanes in above-grade construction applications
  • External joint sealant for Henry® air barrier, waterproofing and roofing systemsAlternative to silicone and moisture cure urethanes in above-grade construction applications
  • Construction joints up to 1” (25 mm) width, subject to dynamic joint movement of ± 35%
  • Can be used for construction joints up to 1″ width, subject to dynamic joint movement of +/-25%
  • Building envelope sealant for self-adhered air barriers

Data Sheet


Henry 925 Sausage BES Sealant is a premium, one-part, low VOC, moisture cure, building envelope sealant for construction joints subject to dynamic joint movement. Questions about Henry 925 Sausage? Contact us

Surface Prep: Joints must be sound, smooth, uniform and free from defects and foreign materials. Joints must also be clean, dry, free of frost and all contaminants, such as curing compounds, sealers, or coatings. Sealant adhesion should be tested on each different substrate prior to use by applying a bead allowing to cure thoroughly. To test adhesive strength, pull one end of the bead.

Apply: Cut nozzle to desired bead size; puncture inner seal. Apply at a 45° angle while pushing sealant ahead of nozzle. The width of the joint should be a minimum of 4 times the anticipated movement. In joints up to 1⁄2” (13 mm) wide, the depth of the sealant should be equal to the width, but not less than 1⁄4” (6 mm). In joints wider than 1⁄2” (13 mm), the depth should be maintained at 1⁄2” (13 mm). Maximum joint width for installation is 1” (25 mm). In vertical and horizontal joints, tooling is necessary to aid contact with the substrate and eliminate air bubbles.

Clean hands and equipment with biodegradable terpene solvent such as citrus-based hand cleaner.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Gray, White

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