CCW 500: Carlisle Hot Applied WP Membrane Box


CCW-500 is the perfect waterproofing membrane for all of the
following applications:
•Roof Decks in an Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA)
•Split Slab Construction for Plaza Decks
•Roof Terraces and Planters
•Parking Garages and Foundation Walls
•Walkway Links
•Highway Bridge Decking and Tunnels
•GreenRoof/Rooftop Planting Systems

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CCW 500: Carlisle Hot Applied WP Membrane Box

CCW 500 is a single-component, rubberized asphalt compound that forms a tough, flexible, thick waterproofing membrane .CCW 500 is made of 26% pre-consumer material and can contribute toward LEED® credits in new construction.CCW-500 adheres tenaciously to virtually any sound vertical or horizontal surface, to ensure water will not migrate beneath the membrane in the event of physical damage. The fast setup time speeds the completion of the waterproofing. CCW-500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane is applied in a thick, monolithic coating utilizing CCW Reinforcing Fabric, which allows for a wide variety of substrate conditions. CCW-500 is used for waterproofing split-slab construction projects and is especially suited as the waterproofing membrane on roof decks using the inverted roof membrane assemblies and green roof systems. Questions? Contact us


Surface Preparation:
New concrete shall be water cured, with a light, hair-broom fi nish, and in place for 14 days minimum, 21 days preferred. Surface shall be structurally sound, dry, and free of dust, dirt, frost, laitance, non-approved curing agent and other contamination that may affect adhesion of the membrane. Remove splatters, fi ns, ridges or other projections to provide a level surface. Fill holes, honeycombs, rock pockets, spalls or other voids and indentations with approved concrete patching compound. Grind or fill surface at cold joints where each pour is at a different plane
to provide a smooth and level surface.
Detail Work:
Mix CCW-201 Sealant and apply per Carlisle standard details. Allow the sealant to cure overnight. Detail expansion joints and drains per manufacturer’s recommendation. Apply a thin, even coat of any CCW recommended primer or contact adhesive, 6″ wide, centered over all non-moving cracks less than 1/16″ wide and cold joints. Apply primer at published coverage rate per gallon. Allow primer to dry. Apply a 125-mil-thickness coat of CCW-500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane over the primed crack or cold joint. Apply a thin, even coat of any CCW recommended primer or contact adhesive, 16″ wide, centered over all cracks greater than 1/16″ wide, all moving cracks and all previously sealed expansion joints. Allow primer to dry. Apply 90 mils of CCW-500 membrane to cover primed areas. Install a 12″-wide strip of CCW-711-90 Sheet Membrane Flashing, centered over the cracks and control joints.
Blocks of CCW-500 shall be melted in a twin wall kettle with continuous agitation. Caution: Do not exceed maximum safe operating temperature of 375°F (for best results, use at 350°F). Apply a thin, even coat of any CCW recommended primer or contact adhesive to the entire surface to receive waterproofing. At the juncture of all vertical sections with the deck surface, such as parapet walls, columns and all projections through the deck, apply a thin, even coat of CCW primer or contact adhesive to the vertical section to the height indicated on the drawings (8″ minimum recommended). Apply primer at published coverage rate per gallon. Allow the primer or contact adhesive to fully dry. Note: Membrane will not properly adhere to wet primer. Penetrations and flashings shall be detailed per manufacturer’s published drawings. Apply 500 Hot-Applied Membrane to the primed/prepared vertical and horizontal surfaces, including all previously detailed areas. For vertical wall applications of 180 mils, install two coats of 500 with each coat being applied to achieve 90 mils per coat. While to fi rst coat is still warm and tacky, install 500 Reinforcing Fabric and then apply second coat of 500. For horizontal applications of 215 mils, install
two coats of 500 with the fi rst coating being applied to achieve 90 mils and the second coat being applied to achieve 125 mils. While the first coat is still warm and tacky, install 500 Reinforcing Fabric and
then apply second coat of 500. Protection Course : The membrane must be protected from damage. Install CCW Protection Board H or HS while 500 is still warm and tacky. CCW Protection Board shall be spliced together using CCw-500 for expanded warranties. Integrity testing can be performed with the protection board installed. Install CCW MiraDRAIN and CCW Root Barrier relative to the requirements of the designed overburden.
Integrity Test : Testing is required for all expanded warranties beyond the standard material warranty of horizontal applications. The test can be done with Electronic Field Vector Mapping or fl ood testing. Flood testing requires 2″ minimum head of water for a period of 24 hours.
In the event the CCW-500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane is damaged, apply heat to remove CCW Protection Board to expose CCW-500, clean the area with a cloth wet with mineral spirits and apply CCW- 500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane to the damaged area to match existing system profile. All fl uid-applied product application rates are based on theoretical coverage relative to the percentage of solids in the material. These are minimum application rates to achieve the required dry film thickness for the system and do not account for substrate condition or porosity. A thicker application of the product may be necessary to achieve the required dry film thickness for system relative to the substrate.
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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 in