Aquafin 1K 55lb: Waterproofing Cement


  • One-Component, just mix with water
  • Stand-alone coating or in combination with AQUAFIN-2K/M
  • Polymer modified
  • Potable water certified as per NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure
  • Not a vapor barrier – lets concrete “breathe”
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
  • Can be applied to moist concrete/substrate
  • Non flammable – no odor – non toxic.
  • Concrete, brick and block foundations and retaining walls
  • As a waterproof coating for potable water and open wastewater tanks
  • Applied interior/exterior, above or below grade, positive or negative water pressure side.
  • Base coat for Aquafin 2K/M
  • Approximate Yield 60 SQFT

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Aquafin 1K 55lb: Waterproofing Cement

AQUAFIN-1K is a cement-based, polymer modified, waterproof coating. Mixed with water it forms a dense, rigid surface barrier. It consists of portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced chemical ingredients. Questions about Aquafin 1K? Contact Us

  • Protect application from direct sun and wind to prevent premature surface drying and shrinkage cracks.
  • Apply material in 2 (two) coats minimum.
  • All surfaces must be saturated surface dry (SSD) but with no standing water, immediately prior to application. Free surface water can inhibit bonding and weaken the coating.
  • Apply using a tampico fibered brush, broom or masonry brush, broom or appropriate compressed-air spray equipment such as hopper gun, peristaltic pump (i.e. Quikspray carrousel pump) or rotor-stator pump (i.e. Hy-Flex “Spray Buddy”). Do not use roller.
  • Application thickness per coat maximum 50 mils (1.25 mm) in areas exposed to the elements.
  • Apply the second coat as soon as the first coat has set, but still ”green“. (Normally 4 – 6 hrs. indoors at 68°F (20°C), 60% rH.)
  • Aqaufin 1K can be left as a brushed finish, or it can be troweled up by a skilled plasterer to a relatively smooth cementitious finish.
  • Mixing: Approximate mixing ratio (by volume) is: 5 parts powder to 2 parts water or 50 lb powder to 1.6 – 1.7 gal water (22.7 kg to 6.0 – 6.4 L) (Spray application up to 2.0 gal (7.6 L).). Add the “1K“ powder to water and mix for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer to a creamy slurry consistency for brush or broom and to a pumpable consistency for spray applications.

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Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 in

Gray, White