Aquafin-IC: 50lb Waterproofing 5 Gal


  • Cementitious penetrating material protects new or old concrete
  •  Coverage: 225 Sq. Ft./50lb pail
  • Setting Time: 45 minutes
  • Pot Life: 30 minutes
  •  Potable water approved – NSF/ANSI 61
  •  Applied to moist (damp) substrate
  •  Environmentally friendly, organic – non toxic, zero VOC’s
  •  Permanently active
  •  Easy to use – needs only water for mixing
  •  Can be applied to green concrete as soon as forms are stripped
  •  Protects concrete against fresh water, salt water, waste water & aggressive ground water
  • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure
  •  Applied to positive or negative side water pressure
  •  Seals and post seals shrinkage cracks, up to 1/64” (0.4 mm)
  •  Contains no chlorides
  •  Cost effective

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Sealant Coverage Chart

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Aquafin-IC Product

AQUAFIN-IC is powered by Aquafin‘s advanced crystalline technology which chemically reacts with moisture and free lime to reduce the water absorption of the resultant cement matrix within the concrete. This is a result of the formation of nano-scale crystals by the active catalysts present in the capillary system. This sustains a durable waterproof effect in the concrete, thereby blocking the passage of water. This reaction will continue to take place anytime water is present for the life of the concrete structure where by making the Aquafin-IC a truly permanent and integral waterproofing solution. The Aquafin-IC nano-crystals will also grow in and along static hairline crack sealing them and preventing further incoming water.

Typical Applications

• Exterior (positive side) or interior (negative side) waterproofing of below grade foundations, basements, retaining walls, utility vaults, elevator pits.
• Water tanks, wastewater tanks, water catchment basins, manholes, parking garages, tunnels, slurry walls.


Approximate mixing ratio is:
• by volume: 3 parts powder to 1 parts water
• 50 lb powder to 1.6 – 1.9 gallons water (22.7 kg powder to 6.1 – 7.3 liters water)

Add the Aquafin-IC powder to water and mix thoroughly until the mixture is completely free of lumps. Mix only as much material as can be used within 30 minutes. Aquafin-IC should be mechanically mixed with clean water to a consistency of thick oil paint. Separate containers (equal volume), should be used for measuring the powder and water. If “false setting“ occurs after mixing, do not add water; restir to restore workability.


• Do not apply AQUAFIN-IC at temperatures below 40° F (5°C) or to a frozen substrate. For temperatures of 90°F (32°C) and above consult our office.
• Do not apply to a dry substrate.
• Use Aquafin-1K for brick or stone substrates.

Finish your job with Aquafin:

Aquafin 2k

Aquafin 1k

Aquafin joint tape 4″

Aquafin joint tape 8″

Storage & Shelf Life

Aquafin-IC must be stored in a dry enclosed area off the ground. Shelf life in unopened, dry undamaged bags or pails is 12 months.  See Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Curing: and Protection

Outdoor, or exposed treated areas:

• Keep damp (moist) for a period of 2 – 3 days for standard waterproofing applications, 7 days for potable water tanks. Start curing as soon as Aquafin-IC has hardened sufficiently so as not to be damaged by a fine water spray. Alternatively a dissipating resin curing agent in elevator pits, wastewater tanks, etc. can be used. Call our office for guidance.
• Protect exposed surfaces against direct sun, wind and frost by covering with plastic sheeting, burlap, or similar. Do not lay plastic sheeting directly on Aquafin-IC as air contact is required for proper curing.
• The freshly treated surfaces should be protected from rain for a minimum period of 24 hrs.
• Back filling can be carried out 36 hrs after completion of the Aquafin IC treatment. Protection boards are generally not required. Backfill material shall be moist and not contain rocks or larger aggregate. Indoor treated areas:
• Self curing in cool areas with high humidity.
• Keep moist for 2 – 3 days in areas with low humidity and 7 days for potable water tanks.
• Provide air circulation for minimum 24 hrs. following the Aquafin-IC treatment in poorly ventilated areas and deep pits. Water Tanks:
• Can be carefully filled after 3 days. Do not fill large tanks faster than 6½ feet per 24 hrs (2 m/24 hrs).
• After complete curing of Aquafin-IC, potable water reservoirs should be thoroughly rinsed with potable water prior to being placed in service.

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Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

Gray, White