Carlisle Drainboard: CCW Miradrain 6200


  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup against subterranean surfaces
  • Consistent, multi-directional core configuration provides a uniform flow path for water to escape
  • High-fl ow drainage capacity – up to three times the flow capacity of aggregate or sand
  • No-clogging drainage performance
  • High-compressive-strength system withstands installation and in-situ earth stresses.
  • Enhances waterproofing system by channeling water away and providing a secondary water retention layer
  • Cost-saving, lightweight, easy-to-install panels eliminate the need for aggregate
  • Rolls of 4 X 50 (200 SQFT)

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Carlisle Drainboard: CCW Miradrain 6200

Carlisle drainboard : MiraDRAIN 6200 is a high-strength drainage composite made up of a durable, non-woven filter fabric that is bonded to the individual dimples of a molded polypropylene core to minimize fabric intrusion into flow channels due to backfill pressure. The filter fabric prevents the passage of soil particles into the core while allowing water to pass freely. This product features a polymeric sheet adhered to the back of the core to prevent it from die-cutting the waterproofing membrane. Designed for use in high-fl ow, high-compressive strength, vertical drainage applications where single-sided subsurface drainage is needed, MiraDRAIN 6200 can also be used as a protection course over CCW waterproofing membranes when added protection is desired. The flat side of MiraDRAIN 6200 fits snugly against wall surfaces, making this product ideal for foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, and similar structure Questions? Contact us
For full waterproofing system use:
CCW-201 polyurethane sealant
Miradri 860/861 Waterproofing membrane
MiraDRAIN prefabricated drainage panels may be installed in a variety of construction applications. They may be
installed against retaining walls, foundation walls (both waterproofed and non-waterproofed), lagging systems and buttress/landfi lls. MiraDRAIN can be cut with a utility knife or scissors. Slurries, shotcrete or concrete may be placed directly onto either side of the panels. The panels can terminate at the top of the footing and are flexible enough to form right angles to cover the top of the footing. MiraDRAIN eliminates the need for a protection course
over waterproofing systems. Native soils can be used over MiraDRAIN. (Contact your local Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofi ng representative for specific guidelines.) For standard installation details, follow the MiraDRAIN detail drawings. For non-standard installation instructions contact your local CCW representative.
Foundation Walls / Vertical Applications
The MiraDRAIN panel can be installed in rows or columns with the fabric side toward the soil. Each method has its advantages depending on the criteria of the project as to which method is best. When installing the CCW MiraDRAIN in rows:
1. Place the longitudinal edge of the core against the wall so that it is flush with the wall footing.
2. Attach subsequent panels in shingle fashion with fabric overlap at bottom, placing the longitudinal edge of the upper panel over the flanged longitudinal edge of the lower panel and lap fabric from upper panel over lower panel.
When installing the CCW MiraDRAIN in columns:
1. Start at the low point of the wall and attach the panel to the wall.
2. Adjacent panels should be joined together with the lateral edge of the connecting panel placed over the flanged edge of the previous panel. The fabric from the adjacent panels should overlap the preceding panel. The fabric can be adhered with CCW CAV-GRIP, CCW Contact Adhesive, CCW-704 Mastic, CCW LM-800XL, Aluma-Grip 701 or duct tape. The top or terminal edge of the MiraDRAIN should be sealed by wrapping extra filter fabric around to the back side of the panel, and if there is insufficient fabric, the core shall be cut out from the fabric by a depth of 3 dimples to provide excess fabric for wrapping behind the core. This will prevent soil or other foreign construction materials from intruding into or behind the panels. A “set back” or “ledge” condition may be encountered on some construction applications. Where this condition exists, MiraDRAIN panels should be installed beginning at the bottom of the wall and ending at the ledge. Subsequent courses of MiraDRAIN should be installed flat against the upper wall portion and placed so that 4 – 6″ (10 – 15 cm) extend down and over the lower edge. The overlapping MiraDRAIN sections will be pushed fl ush against the wall during backfilling.
Carlisle 6200
Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 18 in