MasterEmaco A660 : Masterseal Water-Based, Acrylic


  • Interior or exterior
  • Above or below grade
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Cement-based mixes to improve their adhesion and durability
  • As a gauging liquid for BASF waterproofing and repair products, such as MasterSeal 581
  • Walkways
  • Ramps and structural beams
  • Acrylic polymer
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Improved freeze/thaw stability of Portland cement-based materials
  • Stable
  • Significantly improves adhesion, cohesion, tensile, compressive and flexural strengths of cement-based materials
  • Promotes long-lasting repairs
  • Suitable for cold climate applications
  • Will not re-emulsify when exposed to water

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MasterEmaco A660 is an acrylic-polymer emulsion mixed with Portland cement mortars, plasters, stucco, and concrete mixes to enhance their physical properties, adhesion to substrates, and durability. Questions? Contact us


1. Thoroughly mix all cement and sand first. The sand must be clean, free of clay, and dry.

2. Make up mixing liquid from a 1:3 or 1:2 MasterEmaco A660/water mix, depending on requirements.

3. Slowly add the mixing liquid to the cement/sand mixture and mix with a slow-speed mixer for 1-2 minutes to avoid trapping air.

4. After preparing, cleaning, and pre-dampening the surface, brush-apply a scrub coat (not diluted) of the MasterEmaco A 660-modified cement/sand. Scrub vigorously into the surface to displace any air pockets.

5. While the scrub coat is still wet or tacky, fill the repair area with the modified cement/sand mix, being careful not to over-trowel. The trowel should be cleaned frequently, kept wet, and used with minimal pressure.

6. Maximum time for placement should not exceed 20 minutes. Higher air and surface temperatures or the use of fast-setting repair materials will decrease working and placement time.

1. When rapid drying is expected due to high temperatures, rapid air movement, or wind, it is recommended that the surface be covered with wet burlap to retain moisture.

2. For normal use, allow a 24-hour curing period. 3. For heavy wheeled traffic, allow a 4-day curing period.

Surface Preparation
1. Follow surface preparation recommendations for repair material to be used.
2. The area to be patched or coated should be in a saturated surface-dry (SSD) condition, with no standing water on surface.
3. For additional surface preparation guidelines, refer to the instructions for the BASF repair mortar or coating being used.


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