MasterSeal 615 Hydrocide: Polyurethane Membrane


  •  General internal wet areas under tiles including bathrooms, shower alcoves, laundries, change rooms, etc
  • External/internal light foot traffic areas under tiles such as: podiums, terraces, balconies and deck areas
  • Sandwich seal between existing and new substrate, eg old to new concrete; cement screeds over concrete and CFC surfaces
  • Waterproofing applications requiring high vapour barrier
  •  Excellent low water vapour transmission properties and is fully compatible with polymer modified cement based tile adhesives, screeds and renders
  •  Able to move with structure – elastomeric and flexible with good tensile strength
  • Suitable for constantly wet conditions – once cured will not re-emulsify
  • Unaffected by bathroom chemicals – excellent chemical resistance
  •  Fast drying – can be recoated just after 2 hours and serviceable after 24hrs @ 23oC
  •  Orange colour – makes in site QA simpler by clearly showing coated and uncoated areas
  • Matched reinforced corner tapes MasterSeal (970,960&950) – save time and cost, by eliminating need for corner sealants and mortar cants
  • High viscosity thixotropic liquid – applicable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces (walls & floors)
  • MDOT Approved

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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MasterSeal 615 Hydrocide: Polyurethane Membrane

MasterSeal 615 is a fibre enhanced one component water-based polyurethane membrane that has been designed for a range of waterproofing applications where the membrane is to be covered over with tiles, screeds, concrete beds etc. Questions about masterseal 615? Contact us

Based on unique polyurethane technology, provides a user friendly one component membrane that achieves good film build, with reinforced and elastomeric properties once the membrane is dried.

Offers excellent adhesion properties over building substrates including concrete, masonry, renders, cement sheeting, wet area sheet surfaces and plasterboard surfaces.

Meets the requirements of:  AS/NZS 4858:2010 Wet Area Membranes as a Class III membrane (CSIRO Test Report. No.6805.4A)

  •   AS3740:2010 Waterproofing of Wet Areas Within Residential Buildings
  •   Green Building Council of Australia in accordance with SCAQMD Method 304-91 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Rough surfaces and all voids to be filled to fix low spots and areas of ponding and using BASF mortar products. All joints in CFC and sheet based substrates to be filled with manufacturer’s recommended joint sealant. All screws to be recessed and screw hole recesses greater than 1mm to be filled with manufacturer’s recommended sealant (silicones are not recommended for this duty). Suitable flexible sealant to be used to seal around edges of puddle flanges.

Substrates are recommended to be primed with MasterTop 1600 diluted 1:3 with water. Allow primer to dry before applying the membrane. If substrate is damp or there are issues with rising vapour, MasterTop 1116 water-based epoxy primer is recommended to be used. Incidental nonporous surfaces such as puddle flanges and metal angles, should be primed with MasterSeal P 692.

Joins and Wastes:
As a wet area membrane MasterSeal 615 requires a suitable bond breaker at all substrate junctions. MasterSeal 950/960/970 should be used to protect the wall-wall and floor-wall junctions. Detailed instructions are found in the installation guide for “MasterSeal joint tapes”. Treat the wall-wall joints and floor-wall joints and corners with the
MasterSeal 950/960/970 tape by embedding the tapes fabric side down into a stripe of the membrane along the joint. Install corners first then the tape and then overcoat the exposed fabric to encapsulate the tape. Apply the membrane to walls and floors as required. It is not necessary to completely cover the tape but this does not create any issue either. Allow membrane to cure overnight.



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