MasterSeal 615 Hydrocide: Polyurethane Membrane


  •  General internal wet areas under tiles including bathrooms, shower alcoves, laundries, change rooms, etc
  • External/internal light foot traffic areas under tiles such as: podiums, terraces, balconies and deck areas
  • Sandwich seal between existing and new substrate, eg old to new concrete; cement screeds over concrete and CFC surfaces
  • Waterproofing applications requiring high vapour barrier
  •  Excellent low water vapour transmission properties and is fully compatible with polymer modified cement based tile adhesives, screeds and renders
  •  Able to move with structure – elastomeric and flexible with good tensile strength
  • Suitable for constantly wet conditions – once cured will not re-emulsify
  • Unaffected by bathroom chemicals – excellent chemical resistance
  •  Fast drying – can be recoated just after 2 hours and serviceable after 24hrs @ 23oC
  •  Orange colour – makes in site QA simpler by clearly showing coated and uncoated areas
  • Matched reinforced corner tapes MasterSeal (970,960&950) – save time and cost, by eliminating need for corner sealants and mortar cants
  • High viscosity thixotropic liquid – applicable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces (walls & floors)
  • MDOT Approved

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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