Masterseal NP2 3 Gallon Pail


• Movement capability of 50% adds protection
against unanticipated movement
• Weather resistant for long-lasting
weathertight seals
• Easy to gun and tool to speed up application
and make neater joints
• MasterSeal 905 accelerator available for use
in cold climate applications to help speed initial
• No primer required for most construction
materials, lowering installation costs
• Wide temperature application range makes
MasterSeal NP 2 suitable for all climates
• UL listed; Passes 4–hour, 4–inch, fire and
hose stream test when used with Ultra Block
or mineral wool
• Suitable for water immersion with documented
performance in wet areas
• Chemical cure allows for faster turnaround
• Bulk packaging results in less waste
• Long pot life provides extended working time
• Formulated to withstand pedestrian and
vehicular traffic

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