Aquadrain 15XP: Cetco Drainage Composite


  • 4′ x 52′
  • Uniform properties and application coverage provide more predictable drainage performance than aggregate drainage.
  • Provides protection to the exposed waterproofing membrane by draining water away from the structure.
  • Three-dimensional structure of core provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow.
  • Geotextile filter fabric permits high volume passage of water into the core while retaining soil particles.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-handle rolls can be adhered or fastened to the wall/shoring dependent on waterproofing membrane.
  • Easy-to-handle prefabricated drain sheet is installed quickly.
  • No heavy equipment or skilled laborers are required.

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Aquadrain 15XP: Cetco Drainage Composite

Aquadrain 15XP drainage composite is a three-part prefabricated sheet drain consisting of a 3-dimensional polypropylene formed dimple core covered with a non-woven polypropylenefilter fabric bonded to one-side and a polymeric film bonded to the other. The formed dimple core provides compressive strength and collects water for flow to drainage discharge pipes. The filter fabric allows water or other liquids to pass into the drainage core while restricting the passage of soil particles. The filter fabric is bonded to each dimple to minimize fabric intrusion into the core resulting from backfill pressure. The polypropylene core resists chemical attack and degradation in soil. The polymeric filmbacking makes it ideal for use with soft waterproofing materials. Questions? Contact Us.

Aquadrain 15XP is a cost-effective drainage sheet designed to replace or complement aggregate drainage backfills. It is designed primarily for vertical sub-surface applications with soft waterproofing materials requiring a high compressive strength and high flow capacity. Applications include foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planters, tunnels and other earth-covered structures. AQUADRAIN 15XP can also function as a protection course when installed over a waterproofing membrane.

Install AQUADRAIN 15XP with the plastic core toward the structure; filter fabric side outward toward direction of expected water flow. Product rolls may be installed horizontally or vertically oriented. For attaching the drainage composite to waterproofing membrane, concrete or wood, several methods may be used including washer-head fasteners, general construction adhesive, doublesided tape, wood lathing or insulation stick pin anchors. Discuss material compatibility with waterproofing supplier before using mechanical fasteners or adhesives. To attach drain sheet to bare earth, use 4”-8” (100mm200mm) soil anchor pins with washers. AQUADRAIN 15XP may be installed starting at the bottom or top of the wall. Starting at the base of the wall, install the first course of AQUADRAIN 15XP with the bottom edge overlapping the top core flange edge of AQUADRAIN 100BD. (Refer to AQUADRAIN 100BD TechData Sheet for base drain installation instructions.) Position filter fabric flap from bottom of AQUADRAIN 15XP over the front of AQUADRAIN 100BD and secure with adhesive or tape. Install subsequent AQUADRAIN 15XP rolls with core edges abutting previous roll edges with core flange edge side upstream. This core flange position minimizes water seepage behind the drain core similar to the way roof shingles work. Another installation technique is to simply overlap the drain sheet edges in a manner similar to the way roof shingles work shedding water to the outside. Either method requires the filter fabric edge flap to cover roll lap joints and secured with construction adhesive or duct tape. Cut drain composite as required to fit around penetrations and other details. Always seal open core edges with filter fabric flap or other applicable material including cut core edges around penetrations.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 48 in