Miraflex Membrane: Miracote Miraflex 5 Gallon



  • Exterior and interior pedestrian traffics surfaces.
  • Over concrete, plywood and other substrates.
  • Pedestrian bridge spans.
  • Balconies and plaza decks.
  • Walkways, breezeways and stairways.
  • Pedestrian roof decks and patios.
  • Mechanical equipment rooms.
  • Waterproofing under raised access flooring systems.
  • Pool decks and other recreational areas.
  • Encapsulation of surfaces containing lead-based paint.ADVANTAGES
  • Monolithic, seamless protection – waterproofing membrane.
  • Vapor permeable – allows substrate to breath without blistering.
  • Water-based – environmentally safe, non-toxic & non-flammable.
  • Fabric-reinforced – provides flexural strength and crack resistance.
  • Excellent UV stability – will not exhibit degradation or yellowing.
  • Wide array of slip resistant textures, colors and finishes.
  • Excellent adhesion on damp substrates.
  • Fast cure time for quick return-to-service.
  • Solvent-free with minimal odor.
  • VOC and LEED-compliant.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Miraflex Membrane: Miracote Miraflex 5 Gallon

MiraFlex XL is a multi-component, fabric-reinforced, polymer-modified, cementitious, pedestrian traffic membrane waterproofing system designed for use on concrete and wood substrates. Ideal for use in both exterior and interior environments, MiraFlex XL is a moisture vapor permeable membrane system comprised of individual fluid-applied, and layered components each performing distinct functions. Individual layers include an elastomeric waterproofing base coat reinforced with poly fabric mesh, a polymer-modified cementitious intermediate textured wear course, and an acrylic pigmented top coat for optimal care and daily maintenance requirements.Questions? Contact us


• Always install a minimum 4’ by 4’ test area site mock-up for approval of acceptable color, texture, finish, adhesion, and any other critical requirement acceptable to the owner prior to proceeding with the installation.

• Verify and download current versions of product technical data sheets (PTDS), material safety data sheets (MSDS), and installation guides (IG) at www.miracote.com.
• Protect materials from excessive heat and cold, and pre-condition to room temperature, as necessary.

• Regularly check wet film thickness with mil gauge and monitor consumption to ensure correct application rates are obtained.
• The proper application of this product is the sole responsibility of the end user. Job site visits by Miracote representatives are only for observation and making recommendations, and do not assume any liability for supervision or quality control.

• Measure surface and ambient temperatures to ensure the material is only applied when temperatures are 50°F (10°C) and rising during placement and cure time.


• Minimum ambient/substrate temperature of 50°F (10°C) and rising is required at the time of application.
• Use MiraPrime Aqua-Blok XL primer over concrete substrates that exhibit active negative-side moisture vapor migration prior to the application of MiraFlex Membrane C.


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