Carlisle Seam Tape 6″x75′ : Miraply Seam Tape


  • Offers aggressive, quick sticking adhesive for fast and sure holding.
  • Moisture and UV resistant.
  • Can be exposed for up to 60 days.
  • Installation below 40°F may require special tools and techniques.
  • Consult CCW Technical Services for details.
  • Primer-less.
  • Unique combination of adhesive and proprietary carrier conforms and seals over and around irregular surfaces.
  • Easy releasing polyethylene liner which is strong and tear resistant.

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Carlisle Seam Tape is a primer-less, double sided tape with a tough, conformable carrier and aggressive adhesive system for sealing and holding to difficult-to-stick-to surfaces under a variety of conditions. Questions? Contact us
Product Construction
Carrier Adhesive Liner Color Standard Roll Length Width Proprietary Film Acrylic Dark Green Polyethylene Tan 75 feet 6″
1. Overlap the membranes the appropriate amount. For 6″ (150 mm) Seam Tape, overlap the membranes 7″ (175 mm).
2. All surfaces to receive the Carlisle Seam Tape must be clean. The Seam Tape will not adhere to dusted or dirty surfaces. Any residual contamination will be detrimental to the bond strength of the adhesive.
3. Remove all foreign material.
a. Remove excess mica dust by brooming or wiping with a clean, dry rag or CCW HP Splice Wipe.
b. The use of Weathered Membrane Cleaner may be necessary.
c. This process is essential on membrane that has been exposed to construction dust or silt.
d. Allow the membrane to dry thoroughly before proceeding.
4. Mark the bottom sheet with a crayon approximately ¼” (6 mm) at the edge of the top sheet along the entire splice length as a guide to install the Seam Tape.
5. Unroll approximately 3′ (1 m) of Seam Tape. Align the tape with a marked line and press tape down to bottom sheet using firm, even hand pressure. Continue for the length of the splice. Tape roll ends should be overlapped 1″ (25 mm). Allow top sheet to rest on poly backing after application. A minimum of 1 ⁄ 8 ” (3 mm) to a maximum of ½” (12 mm) of tape must extend beyond the splice edge. A continuous piece of Seam Tape must be used at all fi eld and factory splice intersections. Rolling the Seam Tape with a 2″-wide rubber hand roller after application will signifi cantly reduce the frequency of air blisters in the completed field seam. WATERPROOFING MiraPLY™ Seam Tape
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing

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