Miraply V : Carlisle Waterproofing Membrane


•Seals around fasteners
•Tremendous impermeability and excellent resistance to most chemicals (i.e., acids and bases)
•Effective Radon barrier
•Bridges cracks in concrete
•Flexible for ease of installation
•Protect membrane from torch welding or cutting slag
•Do not leave exposed for more than 60 days
•Installation below 25°F require special tools and techniques.
Consult Technical Services for details.
•Concrete forms must remain in place a minimum of 3 days after
concrete is poured

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Miraply V with SeamLOCK Technology is a nominal 70 mil vertical grade, self-adhering, blindside waterproofing membrane. This membrane is a fully adhered composite comprised of a tough, durable and flexible 45-mil reinforced TPO backing with a 25-mil butyl alloy membrane/adhesive. Questions? Contact us
MiraPLY-V with SeamLOCK Technology self-adhering blindside waterproofing membrane is designed for waterproofing zero property line applications against soil retention systems.
Start the installation at one corner of the building. Unroll the first sheet and install it square/parallel to building wall centered in the corner with the TPO side facing the MiraDRAIN attached to the soil retention system (lagging, sheet pile, shotcrete, etc.) and the adhesive/release liner facing out. Mechanically fasten the membrane vertically, use fasteners with washer heads that are compatible with the substrate. Ensure MiraPLY-V with SeamLOCK Technology is not bridging or wrinkled and tight to the corner with no seams in the corner. Install an adequate number of fasteners across the top of the MiraPLY with SeamLOCK Technology to support and keep the membrane tight against the substrate without wrinkles and blousing until concrete is poured. Walls higher than 8′-0″ require fasteners in the field of the MiraPLY with SeamLOCK Technology membrane as necessary to keep membrane tight to wall without wrinkles and blousing (not including fasteners at the perimeter). Fasten perimeter edges of MiraPLY approximately 12″ on center and a minimum of 6″ from the edge. Caution – over driven fasteners can cause stress in the membrane and seams. Unroll the next sheet of MiraPLY-V with SeamLOCK Technology and align parallel to and overlap the preceding roll of MiraPLY-V with SeamLOCK Technology 3″ and a minimum 3″ end overlap. Stagger end laps. Ensure that the membrane lays flat and no openings are visible. At side laps, simultaneously remove the release liner on the factory applied tape and pre-primed strip mating the two sheets together. At end laps, remove release liner at seam area and apply MiraPLY Seam Tape positioned in the lap area. Lap area shall be rolled with a hard rubber roller using firm hand pressure. Leave plastic release liner on MiraPLY-V with SeamLOCK Technology until ready for concrete pour or placement of rebar. Cover fasteners with a 6″ x 6″ piece of MiraPLY Seam Tape or MiraPLY Detail Tape.

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