Tremco Paraseal LG: Waterproofing Membrane 4’x 24′ Roll


Tremco Paraseal LG is a multi-layer sheet membrane waterproofing system. It consists of a self-sealing, expandable layer of granular bentonite laminated at the rate of up to one pound per square foot to an impermeable, high density polyethylene (HDPE). The third component is a protective layer of spun polypropylene. Together, these three components form a tough, high performance waterproofing membrane manufactured in controlled thicknesses of 170 mils to 200 mils, specially designed for blindside installations such as lagging, under floor and elevator pits. Paraseal LG also withstands applications where shotcrete is blown directly into the face of the membrane.

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Tremco Paraseal LG: Waterproofing Membrane 4’x 24′ Roll

Tremco Paraseal LG Features and Benefits 

  • The Paraseal LG system combines the dual waterproofing system with a protective third layer of spun bond polyester to keep the membrane intact during the concrete pour or shotcrete application.
  • The nature of the Paraseal waterproofing system also allows for installation over green or damp surfaces accelerating the construction process.
  • The bentonite can expand up to 8 times its original thickness to stop water that may make it past the HDPE layer, providing a second layer of protection.

Basic Uses

Paraseal LG is especially effective when waterproofing from the blindside (lagging, etc.) where the waterproofing membrane is applied before the walls or floor are poured. It is designed to resist damage from multiple exposure to inclement weather, extremely abrasive concrete pours or direct installation of shotcrete. Paraseal LG will also exhibit outstanding protection against water intrusion in areas of high water heads. Its special weather treatment allows Paraseal LG to be installed over relatively long periods of time before the walls are poured.


Protect from moisture. Store on a skid or pallet and cover with polyethylene or tarp. Do not double stack pallets. Prevent hydration of bentonite until the sheet is installed and under recommended compaction.


  • Paraseal products require a minimum of 24 psf of compaction/confinement.
  • Tremco Paraseal LG is not to be installed over ponding or standing water or snow.
  • If ground water is brackish, please contact your local Tremco Sales Representative four weeks prior to a pending application, and provide a water and/or soil sample for testing purposes in order to determine the correct bentonite formula for your project’s application.
  • If backfill contains substantial amounts of either lava rock, basalt or any other coarse or highly abrasive materials, a protection course or drainage mat may be required.

Preparatory work

Examine all surfaces prior to starting application. All spaces between lagging larger than 1” (2.5cm) shall be covered with 1/4” (6.4mm) plywood prior to installation.


Paraseal LG may be installed in a vertical or horizontal direction. Lap joints 3” (7.6cm) shingle fashion (top over bottom) when pouring against, 6” (15.2cm) shingle fashion (bottom over top) when shotcreting against. Fasten all seams at 6” (15.2cm) over center. Trowel Paramastic or TREMproof 201 T around all tiebacks and penetrations. Protect from flooding prior to concrete pour.


Paraseal LG may be used to cover earth design cuts which are to serve as the external side of a vertical wall form. Overlap joints 4” (10.2cm) to 6” (15.2cm) depending on regularity of soil cut.

Buried Forms:

Paraseal LG may be directly attached to forms which are to be left in the earth after the concrete is poured (i.e. elevator pits, sumps, etc.). Overlap joints min 3” (7.6cm).

Under Floor:

Paraseal LG is installed whenever direct contact of the bentonite and floor slab are desired. Paraseal LG will form an instant seal to floor area. Overlap joints 3″ (7.6cm). May be installed over consolidated earth, sand or mud slab. To establish a moisture vapor protective barrier beneath the floor, all seams are sealed with Permanent Seam Tape.

See Paraseal LG Installation Instructions

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