Aquafin Joint Sealing Tape 2000 8″X164′


  • Static construction joints in concrete:
  • Below grade foundations
  • WTP (water treatment plants) and WWTP (waste water treatment plants)
  • Fountains, pools, water tanks (2K/M stand alone only)
  • Static cracks in concrete:
  • Below-grade foundations
  • WTP (water treatment plants) and WWTP (waste water treatment plants)
  • Fountains, pools, water tanks, underneath tiles
  • NSF/ANSI 61 potable water approved (when used with AQUAFIN-2K/M)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Waterproof

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Aquafin Joint Sealing Tape 2000 8″X164′

Aquafin JOINT SEALING TAPE-2000 is an elastomeric, highly tear resistant, waterproofing tape which prevents the passage of moisture and water through static construction joints and static cracks in concrete. This product comes in two widths: 4.75″ and 8″.Questions? Contact us

AQUAFIN JOINT SEALING TAPE-2000 is bonded to concrete with AQUAFIN-2K/M flexible cementitious waterproofing material.

Refer to the AQUAFIN-2K/M Technical Data Sheet for mixing and application instructions.

Apply first (base) coat of AQUAFIN-2K/M, extending a minimum of 3/4” (20mm) beyond either side of tape. Immediately embed JOINT TAPE-2000 into the first coat uniformly, leaving no wrinkles, using a trowel or similar tool. To connect tapes, after installing the first tape, overlap a second tape a minimum of 4” (100mm) using AQUAFIN-2K/M.

Allow 3 to 4 hours to cure. Then, cover the JOINT TAPE-2000 with a second coat of AQUAFIN-2K/M and smooth the surface with a damp brush.

Yield/coverage: A 46 lb. (21 kg) unit of AQUAFIN-2K/M adheres approximately 85 ft. of 43⁄4” wide tape or approximately 57 ft. of 8” wide tape.

Actual coverage may vary due to substrate conditions.

Limitations: Do not use AQUAFIN JOINT TAPE-2000 in negative side applications exposed to direct hydrostatic pressure.

If movement is expected in either a crack or a construction joint, use AQUAFIN SEALING TAPE 2000-S instead of AQUAFIN JOINT TAPE-2000.

Do not use AQUAFIN-1K as an adhesive for AQUAFIN JOINT TAPE-2000.

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Product: Material: Color: Thickness: VOC Content: Elongation: Tear Resistance:

Temperature Resistance:

JOINT SEALING TAPE 2000 membrane embedded in fabric backing white
15 mils
60% (ASTM-D-638)
725 psi (5.0 MPa)
(ASTM D-2240 – modified)
-4 ̊F (-20 ̊C) to 194 ̊F (90 ̊C)

Alkali Resistance:
• Resistant against boiling in sodium hydroxide with a pH of 12 • Resistant against boiling in 2% potassium hydroxide (minimum

10 minutes)
• Waterproof – resistant to hydrostatic pressure

Other Resistances:
• Highly resistant against oil, grease and solvents • Good weathering resistance
• Excellent decomposition resistance (microbes)
• Good UV resistance


Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in