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6-in-1 tool painters knife by Pipeknife.

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6 in 1  tool painters knife, from Pipeknife.  Six tools in one. Putty remover.  Stainless steel sharp scraping blade. Able to remove paint from paint rollers with half round cut-out. Spreader. Sharp point facilitates opening cracks for patching. Built-in die cast metal nail setting end into handles to set drywall nails. Includes: Putty remover. 2-1/2″ stainless steel sharp scraping blade. Full-tang blade. Paint rollers are cleaned with half round cut-out. Spreader. Cracks can be opened for patching by using sharp point. Die cast metal Hammer Head end for setting drywall nails. Questions? Contact Us

Pipe Knife Professional Heavy Duty 6-in-1 Painters Tool and Scraper. Comfortable TPR handle for maximum grip. This versatile tool removes putty from scrapes flaking, crevice hardened paint and sash. Polished Heavy Duty 3″ stainless steel blade. Opens surface cracks and drives window push points. Cracks can be opened for patching by using sharp point. Metal hammer head end sets nails. Paint rollers are cleaned with half round cut-out.

Step 1. Soften the caulk by applying isopropyl alcohol

Step 2. Slice through the softened caulk using a knife with a fresh blade. Remove any residue caulk with a little extra elbow grease.

Step 3. If the caulk is very thick or there are several layers, a pair of needle-nose pliers may be required to pull the material from the joint.

Step 4. With the use of the hook end of a painter’s six-in-one tool, rake up residue chunks of caulk from the joint.

Step 5. Remove mildew and clean the surface. Remove soap scum with a non-ammoniated bath cleaner.


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