Prosoco Sure Klean 600: Masonry Cleaner


• The No. 1-selling proprietary cleaner for new masonry.

• Proven effective through years of use.

• Recommended by many brick, tile and mortar manufacturers.

• Safer than muriatic acid for new masonry surfaces.

• Removes efflorescence on bricks, new concrete and new stone construction.

• Fast and easy to apply – use with cold water rinse.

• Special wetting agents let larger masonry surfaces be cleaned at one time, eliminating streaking.

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Safety Data Sheet

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Prosoco Sure Klean 600: Masonry Cleaner

Prosoco Sure Klean 600 is a general-purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner that dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving the masonry clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking. 600 is the No. 1-selling proprietary cleaner for new masonry and is recommended by many brick, block, tile and mortar manufacturers. Questions about Prosoco Sure Klean 600? Contact us

May not be suitable for cleaning buff-colored brick and brick, stone or tile with manganese or other metallic additives. See product literature on Sure clean Vana Trol®.

Not suitable for cleaning polished or certain glazed surfaces. Always test to ensure suitability.

Repeated applications may leave a detergent residue. Always prewet to reduce potential for detergent residue. Rinse thoroughly. Do not apply more than twice.

Not effective for removing atmospheric dirt and black carbon stains. Use the appropriate Sure Klean 600 restoration cleaner to remove atmospheric staining from older masonry surfaces.

Not for use on treated low-E glass; acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing; and glazing with surface-applied reflective, metallic or other synthetic coatings and films.

Before use, test all substrates not intended to be treated with Sure Klean® 600. If testing indicates adverse effects, the substrate must be protected before full scale application. Vapors and liquid
can damage a variety of metals and fabrics. Best practices are to protect people, vehicles, property, metal, painted surfaces, plants and other non masonry materials from product, splash, residue, wind drift and fumes. When working over traffic, clean when traffic is at a minimum. Protect or divert traffic if necessary.

Best practices are to clean masonry before installing windows, doors, finished flooring, metal fixtures, hardware, light fixtures, roofing materials and other non masonry items that the cleaner could harm. If already installed, protect with polyethylene before application. Sure Klean® Strippable Masking is appropriate for use with this product to protect windows.


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