Firestop ES-105: Elastomeric Sealant


• Water-based for easy installation & cleanup
• Non-halogenated
• Thixotropic for high-build application
• Auto bonding
• Safe, no solvents, no asbestos, No PCB’s, no inorganic fibers
• Elastomeric
• Water-resistant
• UL Certified
• Acoustical sealant
• Paintable when dry
• Meets LEEDTM v3, v4, & v4.1 requirements. Low emitting
materials credit. See general LEED letter for additional applicable credits.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Firestop ES-105: Elastomeric Sealant

Firestop ES-105 Elastomeric Sealant is a water-based, non-halogenated latex-based, highly elastomeric caulk primarily designed to provide passive smoke and fire protection in construction joints.

About Our Firestop ES-105: SpecSeal Elastomeric Firestop Sealant

ES-105 SpecSeal Elastomeric Firestop Sealant is known for its adaptability, as it is engineered to adhere to all construction surfaces and restores sound attenuation properties in sound-rated ceilings and partitions. It has also been acoustically tested as reducing noise transmission.

Due to it being water-based, it can be applied using standard caulking equipment or by trowelling and does not require the use of special equipment, thus simplifying the installation, clean-up, and disposal processes. Its premium latex binder system is fully resistant to water and does not re-emulsify once dry. Rather, it dries to form a flexible shield against the propagation of fire.  ES-105 SpecSeal Elastomeric Firestop Sealant has been certified to be safe as it does not contain any solvents, asbestos, and is non-halogenated.

Why Buy Firestop ES-105: SpecSeal Elastomeric Firestop Sealant from MetroSealant? 

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 18 in

Blue, Gray, Red