MasterProtect H177: Water-Repellent Sealer


• Water repellency extends life of building
• Treats brick and mortar providing long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion
• VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions
• Excellent water bead so substrate maintains dry appearance during rainfall
• Transparent and non-staining, does not alter surface appearance
• Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
• Easy to apply

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MasterProtect H177: Water-Repellent Sealer

MasterProtect H177 is a high-performance, water-based, VOC-compliant, clear silane/siloxane sealer designed for dense, vertical masonry surfaces like hard-burnt brick. Questions? Contact Us.

Surface Preparation:
1.Surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of alkali, efflorescence, sand, surface dust or dirt, oil, grease, chemical films, and other contaminants. Concrete surfaces should be fully cured.
2.Air, material, and surface temperatures should be 40° F (4° C) or higher during application and curing. Surfaces can be slightly damp prior to application, but for best results and maximum penetration of sealer, a dry surface is recommended. Do not apply sealer when temperatures are expected to fall below 40° F (4° C) within 4 hours of completed application.
3.Repoint any loose or disintegrated mortar and allow a minimum of 72 hours drying time before application. Install caulking and sealant before application, allowing a minimum of 6–12 hours curing time (or until set). Contact Technical Service for recommendations.
1.Test a small area of the surface (generally a 5 by 5 ft [1.5 by 1.5 m] section) before starting general application of any clear penetrating sealer to ensure desired performance results, aesthetics and coverage rates. Allow 5–7 days
for the product to fully react before evaluating.                                                                                                                              2. Mix material thoroughly before and during application.
3.Apply by low-pressure, non-atomizing spray.
4.Apply a mist coat of MasterProtect H177 immediately before application to help break surface tension and assist with maximum penetration.
5.Flood surfaces by applying from the bottom up, applied to saturation, with a controlled 8–10″ (20 cm) material rundown to ensure maximum penetration into substrate.
6.Extremely porous substrates may require 2 coats. Apply the second coat as soon as initial surface drying of the first coat has become visible

For Best Performance:
• Keep material from freezing.
• Do not dilute MasterProtect H 177.
• Do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is anticipated within 12 hours.
• To prevent damage to nearby shrubbery and landscaping, cover or protect with drop cloth.
• Variations in the texture and porosity of the substrate will affect the coverage and performance of the product.
• Protect asphalt-based products such as roofing materials or plastic products from overspray
• MasterProtect H 177 will not inhibit water penetration through unsound or cracked surfaces or surfaces with defective flashing, caulking, or structural waterproofing.
• Make certain the most current versions of product data sheet and SDS are being used; visit to verify the most current version.
• Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by BASF personnel are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and are not for supervising or providing quality control on the jobsite.


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