MasterKure CC 180WB: Acrylic Curing


• Ensures high curing efficiency allowing concrete to attain its full strength potential
• Reduces surface absorption and dusting of concrete for easier cleaning and maintenance
• Retains moisture in concrete to minimize shrinkage cracking
• VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions
• Compatible with most carpet and tile adhesives

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MasterKure CC 180WB: Acrylic Curing

MasterKure CC 180WB is a modified acrylic-based liquid polymer. It is recommended for use on new or existing concrete floors. Questions? Contact Us.

Surface Preparation For MasterKure CC 180WB
1. Freshly placed concrete must be properly finished. The surface is application ready when it is damp but not wet and when it cannot be marred by foot traffic.
2. Existing concrete surfaces should be thoroughly repaired and cleaned before application. Surface must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil, grease, sealers and all other surface contaminants that might inhibit proper bond of material.

1. Thoroughly mix material in original container before applying.
2. Apply a continuous, uniform film by lowpressure spray only, short-nap roller or lamb’s wool applicator.
3. For curing, one coat may be sufficient. However, two coats may be required in hot and windy conditions. Apply evenly and uniformly as soon as possible after final finishing.
4. To seal and dustproof, two coats are required. Apply the second coat when all trades have completed their work and site is ready for occupancy.
5. Do not overapply or soak concrete surfaces with the curing compound. Do not allow the curing compound to pool on the surface. Overapplication can result in alligatoring and mud cracking, whereby a film forms on the substrate
before the material dries properly. Overapplication may also cause opacity, as elements of the curing compound become trapped in the subsurface and cannot escape.

For Best Performance:
• For curing only, one coat may be sufficient; two coats will give best results. To seal and dustproof, two coats are required.
• Not recommended for use in colored dry-shake applications
• Keep from freezing.
• Do not apply when concrete surface or ambient temperature is below 40° F (4° C).
• Do not apply when surface temperature is above 120° F (49° C).
• Not recommended as a release agent.
• Do not apply to surfaces of joints to be caulked with sealants. Mask joints to avoid sealant adhesion problems.
• Can be applied to natural or colored concrete, but mottling or discoloration may occur.
• May highlight features and imperfections of the concrete surface.
• MasterKure CC 180 WB must be fully dry before exposure to water or it may whiten.
• Although MasterKure CC 180 WB is compatible with a variety of carpet, vinyl tile and floor covering adhesives, always conduct a test application before applying.
• Not intended for surfaces to receive concrete overlays or additional toppings, coatings, sealers or ceramic tile (without proper surface preparation).



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