MasterKure 200WB: Hardening Compound


• Protects floors during construction
• Easy to apply and quick drying for quick turnaround
• Water based; no VOCs and easy to clean up
• Aids curing of concrete; minimizes shrinkage cracking and improves strength development
• Hardens concrete to withstand moderately heavy duty traffic
• Improved abrasion resistance to extend wearability

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MasterKure 200WB: Hardening Compound

MasterKure 200WB is a water-soluble, inorganic, silicate-based curing, hardening, sealing and dust proofing compound. Use it for freshly placed and finished concrete and in renovation of aged concrete. Questions? Contact Us.

• On exterior applications, rapid drying conditions may greatly reduce the effectiveness of MasterKure HD 200WB as a curing aid. It is the responsibility of the user to adjust the curing rate to properly regulate the hydration of the
• If MasterKure 200WB freezes, warm and restir to uniformity. If separation is persistent, discard product.
• Install joint sealants before application; if not possible, test first for adhesion.
• For subsequent coating applications, perform proper surface preparation and consult the coatings manufacturer for more instructions.                                                                                                                                                                                   • Spray application will yield best results.
• Dry buffing 24 hours after application will improve sheen of finished floor.
• Application method and concrete porosity will affect final appearance. White residue signifies too strong a mix or the surface reaching maximum hardness. Applications should be stopped and the surface flushed with clean hot water, scrubbed with a stiff-bristled broom and allowed to dry. If any applications remain, dilution of the product may be required to prevent whitening.
• Applications to concrete containing pozzolanic additives will require additional MasterKure HD 200WB.
• Do not allow MasterKure HD 200WB to come in contact with any glass, fabric, metal, or painted surfaces. Immediately wipe contaminated surfaces with a clean water-saturated cloth, then wipe dry with a second clean cloth.
• Allow at least 7 days after application before using adhesives over MasterKure HD 200WB.
• One application of MasterKure HD 200WB is normally sufficient. Repeat applications will ensure complete densification of concrete surface.
• For professional use only; not for sale to or use by the general public.
• Make certain the most current versions of product data sheet and SDS are being used; call Customer Service (1-800-433-9517) to verify the most current versions.
• Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by BASF personnel are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and not for supervising or providing quality control on the jobsite.



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